Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Meet the Latest Robin of Berkeley

Okay, so maybe Adam Yoshida isn't an adequate substitute for Robin. For one thing, he doesn't whine constantly about his victimization by people who don't give him plastic bags for his tampons. And for another, he doesn't make crusades out of hiding from Trick or Treaters.

So, American Thinker had to come up with somebody else. Enter Ray Gross. And here are some excerpts from his maiden Think.

Sarah and the San Francisco Poster Wars
I am gay. I live in San Francisco. For the last few years I've had a terrible secret, one I felt necessary to hide from hateful and intolerant people. Who would these people be, and what am I hiding?

I am hiding from the Liberal Left. I am hiding that I'm a conservative.
Comes from the Bay area? Check! Hiding that he's a conservative from the liberal forces who would send him to re-education camp if his secret came out? Check! Plus, he's gay!!! That beats being a licensed psychotherapist hands down, especially since nobody can report you to the gay licensing board for conduct not befitting a homosexual, based on your columns.

Oh, and Roy also loves Sarah Palin just as much as Robin does ... and MORE!
With my new awareness of myself and the world around me, I decided to keep my eyes open for someone I can trust, someone who represents truth, honesty, goodness, and above all, strength of character.

Enter Sarah Palin. The moment I heard her speak, I knew she was special.
Um, not like Trig is special, but special in that the fine people of Berkeley San Fransisco regularly hang her in effigy or something.
There was an unmistakable honesty and strength about her. All hell broke loose on the left when she entered the scene. The ferociousness and vileness of the attacks towards her comforted me because I know how the left operates. She was telling the truth, and in doing so was exposing the underlying falsehoods of their belief system.
They believed that North Korea was our enemy, but Sarah exposed this for the lie it is by just being her!

Anyway, much like Robin's secret mission to bring down the Left by saying "Bless You" when people sneeze, Roy has his own covert operation to make the world a Righter place.
At the crack of dawn I went to that fence, and pasted over the vile and angry posters of Governor Palin with another poster. A poster of Sarah, with hands clasped in front of her looking up in prayerful thanks, her smile genuine, her eyes sparkling. Behind her is the same sunburst design found on a well known Harvey Milk poster from the seventies.
Yes, it's the ascension of Sarah. Or, it's Sarah in the middle of nuclear testing at Ground Zero. Anyway, Ray is now Saved. Saved by the power of Sarah. Can I get an amen?
Standing in front of these new posters I felt hope and power. I felt proud, not only of the beautiful message of Sarah's image, but I felt proud of myself. Proud of how far I had come from the days of my old cocoon of ignorance and intolerance to my present place of self awareness.
And this is just one of the miracles performed by Saint Sarah of Alaska. I think she is ready for the beatification committee.


Scott said...

So, how long before the plaster shrines to Sarah start showing up at crossroads?

It's like A Face in the Crowd meets A Canticle for Leibowitz.

ckc (not kc) said...

...why is she standing in front of the war flag of the imperial Japanese army?

heydave said...

Yep, that's right pal. She's the one to follow.
Too bad her other followers want you to fucking die.

But, hey, good catch there.

word verification: fulks... As in "The other fulks who love Sarah want you to fulking die."

James Briggs Stratton "Doghouse" Riley said...

There was an unmistakable honesty and strength about her. All hell broke loose on the left when she entered the scene. The ferociousness and vileness of the attacks towards her comforted me because I know how the left operates. She was telling the truth, and in doing so was exposing the underlying falsehoods of their belief system.

Jeez Louise, fun's fun but, y'know, there weren't any ferocious and vile attacks on her when she became an instant national figure the way Sanka becomes coffee. There was some snickering, of course, but that's unavoidable.

We may recall--it really ain't that long ago, Ray--that at the time wingnuttia had experienced both the utter failure of its Jebus-approved President and a complete shellacking in the primaries. Then McCain, miffed (but I repeat myself!) than he couldn't name his platonic roommate Joe Lieberman tapped the (seriously unvetted) Palin as a sort of Fuck You, but one which the wingnuts embraced as a victory. And then doubled down when it quickly turned out she was a religious nutcake with a pregnant teenaged daughter, a C student's knowledge of current events (and that's elementary school) and an internal compass pointing unerringly to Stupid. There may be no accounting for taste when it comes to people imagining she's "honest" or "special", but there's a clear fucking timeline of her "entering the scene" and it has nothing whatsoever do to with The Left. She was, at first, just the latest wingnut Jab It In Your Eye, Libruls fetish item.

And you're welcome to her. Make no mistake about it. I hope to hell she runs, and wins the nomination; it may be the best thing that could possibly happen to this benighted land. Meanwhile, have a look around. Who else have you got? The Republican party ain't exactly rushing to embrace her.

Chris Vosburg said...

Ray Gross writes: During the 2008 primary the Liberal Left and the Democrats exposed who they really are. What was done to Hillary Clinton by the Democratic Party and the complicit media shook me out of my old belief system.

Actually, the Democratic Party was largely supportive of Hillary Clinton, and the "complcit media" was no less supportive of her. You could look it up.

I voted for Hillary in the primary and remain convinced that she'd be a good president, yet like Hillary, when she lost the primary, I threw my vote to that fellow whose political views were exactly the same as hers, so much so that he quickly appointed her Sec of State.

Ray, in the meantime, switched parties and is repeatedly firing away at his own foot.

[sigh] You see, this is why I toss the racist card up, because I cannot see another way to explain the behavior of guys like Ray, and this goes as well for the PUMA crowd at large.

They're all up and and willing to accept negroes as equals-- but as the boss of them it's suddenly another story altogether.

Robin of Berkeley's latent racism seems to indicate that this was the tipping point for her as well. It's not just liberalism, it's that awful negro who represents it.

Brian Schlosser said...

I'm not in San Francisco, instead I'm right smack in the middle of The Heartland in good ol' Cincinnati, but if I saw those Palin posters, I would assume they were meant to be ironic... but no, Ray Smuckles really meant them to be pro-Palin:


"Then I decided to respond in a different way. A more positive way. In a way that would really neutralize those who put the posters up. I wanted to really screw with their heads. A supportive poster of Sarah Palin in San Francisco?? Yes! That was the best way to respond! It would make people really scractch their heads. They would be complete puzzled by it."

Anonymous said...

How long 'til those posters were mustachioed?

David in NYC said...

@Chris V. --

Absolutely! Driftglass had some very pertinent thoughts on this a while back:

"And then a Negro put his hand on the Bible..."


Li'l Innocent said...

I wonder how old poor Ray is. Could he be quite young? His tone re: Palin takes me back to my early NYC art-school days multi decades ago, when my best male pal, who was incipiently bi as it later developed, introduced me to opera, and also to some of his gay male friends, all in their late teens or very early 20s, on the Metropolitan Opera standing-room line. Their fan-attitudes toward the reigning opera divas sounded quite like Ray - - except they were way funnier and not so goopy.

Green Eagle said...

Maybe it's just me, but when I first looked at this picture, I thought it was a comment on the pasting over of the ugly violence and militarism of the right with the phony, sunny facade and pseudo-reliogiosity represented by Palin. It was only when I read your post that I realized what it was supposed to be telling us.

I think Ray (unintentionally, of course) has given us something to think about.

Aimless in Florida said...

Ray's poster sort of makes Sarah look like the Statue of Liberty--with pupils and glasses--but, ya know, even in a poster I don't like to look up someone's nose. A trivial comment perhaps but then again what else is there to say in response to such people?

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I'm supposed to Not Ask, but what's happened to Annti. I could use a full-on rant right now.
If it's Private Stuff, I accept that; but, if not here, where?


Scott said...

Suezboo: Annti has been visiting us, but for some reason she can't comment here, and I haven't been able to figure out why. It's driving me nuts.

Anonymous said...

Oy. Thanks for the info, Scott. Just glad to know she's OK.


Anonymous said...

That is some serious Shephard Fairey wannabe action there.

Anonymous said...

In Ray Gross's column, I find:

Self-descriptions: (“I felt anger and rage,” “I love the freedom to think for myself,” “It was like I had been in abusive relationship,” etc.): 55 sentences.

Unsupported Assertions: (“They accuse others of hate and intolerance and yet, by their behavior they show themselves again and again to be the hypocrites they are,” “Their intense, over-the-top reaction to everything she says and does is because they know she holds the truth that threatens to destabilize their world.” etc.): 18 sentences

Ascertainable Facts: (There are posters attacking Sarah Palin; there is a gay conservative named Kevin Dujan): 2 sentences

...for a composite subjective/objective (or ass-pulled/reality-based) ratio of 97.33%

Chris Vosburg said...

Scott, you mentioned Annti being unable to comment here, and since I don't fall into any the "profile categories", and choose to comment as "Name/URL", perhaps you and Annti'll be interested to know that this fails exactly three times, returning me to my unpublished comment each time before finally, on the fourth try, tossing up the captcha request, which if I am able to blunder through, will publish the comment at last.

You know, I guess I assumed it was just me, or I was busy, or something, mumble [trails off in shame over failing to mention it earlier].

Uh, WinXP Pro, Internet Explorer 8, no firewall whatsoever, all updates current.

Scott said...

Thanks, Chris. I emailed your comment to Anti. She told me earlier that the "post comment" button never appears for her, but maybe the problems are somehow related.

Anonymous said...

The simpering attempt to manipulate with sentimentality is arrogant in the extreme. The writer must believe he is preaching to the choir, because nobody else would fall for his nonsense. This character is so phony that even phony people think he is phony.

Phoebe Caulfield said...

Plus the phoneys are crumby phoneys who should go give the time to themselves.

Chris Vosburg said...

...if you really want to hear about it.

Carl said...

The ferociousness and vileness of the attacks towards her comforted me because I know how the left operates.

Why is it the Right always has to resort to "they" attacks?

"They're" coming to rape your white daughters. "They're" stealing our fruit picking jobs. "They" want to blow up your church and build a mosque.

Stick to fucking issues, ya queer bastid!

jim said...

Needs suitable caption:

"GOOD NEWS! We are winning the sacred Jihad against the counter-revolutionary scum who oppress us with civil rights, tax-cuts and Medicare, but now they are striking back with their diabolical "history" and "fact" weapons - only Total War will stop these criminals from conquering the Motherland! Contribute more to SarahPAC now to fulfill the new Fifty Year Plan to take back America! Can Jesus help the patriotic proletariat to defeat the decadent Liberal Imperialist elite? Sarah says: you betcha!"

richardporter said...

Does anyone here know where I can find a pic of Robin of Berkeley or what her real name is?