Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Give Me the Lease. I'm signing it Right. NOW.

So, the Black Plague has hit our household. We will be back to regular blogging shortly, or we'll be bringing out the dead. Until then, enjoy an oldie, but a goodie:

A Formal Dining Room AND Hardwood floors?! This place really does have the best amenities!


M. Bouffant said...

Always worse in the summer. At least it's not ridiculously hot.

Please don't bring your bodies out, just get well.

D. Sidhe said...

I am prepared to in some way blame Harry Potter.

Get well soon, gang. Don't pass it along to the pets. Cats who sneeze on you when you're trying to sleep? No lulz.

Anntichrist S. Coulter said...

All my love & best wishes, unless you'd like another batch of Whoop-Ass Herbal Infusion/"tea"(C), that all & sundry in the C. household are healthy & hearty & hardy again. I'd offer to send homemade soup, but the USPS tends to frown upon that nowadays, and it would involve me, like, y'know, doing dishes and shit. If you want my recipe, though, you're welcome to it! Actually, as you well know, the one thing holding me back on care packages is that I haven't had the $$$ to send out ANY birfday prezzies this year since I moved into this Upper 9th Ward dump. 3 mos. behind on the utilities and STILL can't catch up.

And if anybody from Wo'C who ISN'T on my birfday list would like to be included, all ya gotta do is say the word (and if you someday wanna receive some probably utterly inappropriate gift, a mailing address). I dunno if any of us "old regs" or new coolios swing by the still-un-blogrolled new(er) FREE FROM CENSORSHIP version of M.O.B. in order to check out the birfday affections, but I'd be shickled titless if y'all did, when I don't fuck-up and do it too late and miss a birfday or two before I get the damned list up. Yeah, I'm lamer than Murdoch's cock, but at least I'm HONEST about it!!!

Seriously, please get well soon, Scott, Mary, and hopefully the Feline Overlords were spared any cross-species afflictions. I don't even wanna THINK of how dangerous that Riley could be with a sinus headache... {{{{{{{shudder!!!}}}}}}
And Moondoggie, bless his furry little stoner ass, would prolly be like every other male on earth with the sniffles, and lie there like Stephen Hawking on Valium, whining and wheezing and ringing an annoying little bell for constant attention. No, I shouldn't slander Teh Doctor like that, but it's an indelible skull cartoon, ain't it?