Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Massie Murder

You may remember Mychal Massie from this post, and if so, you might want to look into getting that procedure Jim Carey had done in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.  But for those unburdened by such recollections, Mychal "holds degrees in education, business/real estate, theology and pastoral counseling," and though he's not -- nor does he appear to have ever been -- in the military, he's "interested in killing all the enemy radical Muslims I can."  So you can understand why Mychal is so upset by the gruesome events in Oslo; there's no harm in fantasizing, even about really hideous and creepy things, but when some clown goes out and actually does it, in public, suddenly all the innocent daydreamer believers look like creeps by association.
Compare Oslo with Islamic terrorism?
Yes, it's true that the first reports of the horrific shootings that took place in Oslo, Norway, led us to believe that Muslim terrorists were responsible.
But then, that's pretty much Mychal's answer for everything, including "Who took the last Yoo Hoo?"
So, it was understandable that they and their sympathizers would attempt to use this single instance as proof of their persecution. It is also true that there are other instances of mass shootings that weren't committed by Muslims. But let's not confuse those situations as being even remotely the same as the violent, murderous acts of Islamists.
It's a pity Mychal wasn't present in Oslo to comfort the dying.  I imagine him kneeling beside a youthful victim as her life ebbs away, saying soothing things like, "Think how much worse you'd be feeling right now if you'd been shot by a Muslim," or, "A sucking chest wound administered by a Lutheran bullet just feels different, doesn't it?  So much less confusing."
 There is a difference between the gang-related shootings that took place this past weekend at a low-rider car show in Seattle and the family-related roller-rink shootings in Texas.
I guess so, in the sense that only at the latter crime scene would you have been likely to hear the Olivia Newton John hit "Xanadu."  I suppose what Mychal is really saying is that anyone shot at a low-rider car show deserves to die for fiddling with their shock absorbers, but I'm not sure how that relates to the Oslo tragedy, unless he's implying that the youth camp victims were asking for it by joining a gang of Labour Party delinquents, or as Glenn Beck put it, "The Hitler Youth."
I do not apologize that, based on the early reports, I believed the Oslo killings to be the work of Islamists. There's a systemic animalism that is endemic to Islam that traces back to Ishmael.
Although many of the early reports that Ishmael had been "mocking," were later recanted, and it turned out Sarah had only seen him "voguing." Still, I wonder how many generations of Mychal's family we'd have to trace back before we found one who wasn't a fabulous lunkhead.
No matter how Islam is portrayed, there is nothing pastoral or peaceful about it, nor is there anything reverential about it. Islam's practitioners are religious only to the extent that one is religious about terrorism, threats, murder and mayhem.
Every member of the world's second-largest religion is in on the biggest con job in human history!  (I know, pulling off such a massive and complex swindle seems impossible, but don't forget, they're using the high-tech organizing principle of Systemic Animalism!  And best of all, the whole incredible story is Soon to be a Major Motion Picture Starring George Clooney and Brad Pitt in Ocean's 1.4 Billion.)
People may not like what I say, but it's time we stop dancing around this issue. We must take them as serious threats that warrant thorough watching and investigation.
Of course, while we're watching and investigating Them, some of Us might slip in and slaughter a few hundred people here and there, but like Sammy Davis, Jr. urged in the theme song to Baretta, you gotta keep your eye on the sparrow.
Muslims are a fanatical threat, and they take pride in that fact. They are proud of the fact that they can gain access to what they want through threat and intimidation.
Mychal is not letting the fact that he was completely wrong about the crime and its perpetrator slow him down in the least.  He's still as imitation tough as ever, and he's going to fake-kill as many fantasy Muslims this week as he usually imagines he does.
It's not fear mongering to argue that we must be concerned with the increasing number of Muslims coming here – especially those being converted in prisons and those coming here illegally.
Wait -- Muslims are coming to here to be converted in prison?  (And I thought that agri-tourism fad in Italy was weird.)  So if they go into jail as Muslims, what do they come out as -- Star-belly Sneetches?
 In my column "It isn't fanaticism – it's evil," 
I thought it was DiGiorno.
I wrote: "...Their hatred is an anathema to all rational consideration. They have but one goal: to subdue the world under the rule of Islam." (WND, Aug. 12, 2006)
As Mychal would say, there's a difference between Muslim hatred, and the calm, orderly process of ratiocination by which one arrives at hatred for Muslims.
The question becomes, will America take steps to protect our people or will we wait for the "tah-lee-bahn," as Obama pronounces it, to defile our courts with Shariah law?
Whenever a blond, blue-eyed, right-wing Christian massacres a hundred Norwegians, it's inevitably the signal for illiterate, right-wing religious fanatics from Afghanistan to destroy America by filing frivolous lawsuits in Small Claims Courts, and then the next thing you know, we're all dhimmis, and the Taliban are demanding that our President show submission to Islam by talking in Harry Belafonte's accent from The Banana Boat Song.
The facts are there for all to see. 
Well, they're not exactly "facts," but you've definitely pulled them out for everyone to see.
We don't need a president who can pronounce Arabic words better than he can speak English (remember "corpse" instead of corps); we need a president who realizes that these people are not our friends and that they are a threat to ourselves and our way of life.
I suspect Mychal wrote this column when "based on the early reports, [he] believed the Oslo killings to be the work of Islamists," and discovered to his delight that his original conclusion was immune to subsequent refinements in the data.
Which means we should restrict their ability to immigrate here and we should watch them like Janet Napolitano recommends our "white middle-class" be watched – because, she has determined, they could very likely be terrorists.
Just to sum up:  A white, conservative Christian commits mass murder in Scandinavia, which must prompt the United States to revive the Chinese Exclusion Act, except for Muslims this time, and especially the Uyghur, who have the effrontery to be Chinese Muslims, which is like slapping Chester Alan Arthur right in the muttonchops.


heydave said...

That's some bone deep stupid you got going on there, Mie-kal, that you won't change direction even after you reveal yourself to be wrong, or "wrong," in your assumptions.

I would love to see you drive by GPS alone: I am so going to turn left here, fuckin A!

Woodrowfan said...

what a vile, hateful, ignorant man. Put him in a Klan hood and he'd feel right at home...

Anonymous said...

"We don't need a president who can pronounce Arabic words better than he can speak English (remember "corpse" instead of corps)" ... Just wondering if Mr. Massie "asks" or "axe" a question ?
None of his ilk complained about GWB being 'bi-ignorant' !

Li'l Innocent said...

Scott, I must say that last para is the limpidest, sensible-est summing-up I haz read in many a moon. If I ever lose my grip and start issuing foamy paranoid manifestos on the internets, will you summarize them for me? I'd be honored!

Scott said...

It would be my pleasure, L'il. You know me -- I live to summarize.

trashfire said...

So he's more like Sarah "I was right about Paul Revere" Palin than like Michelle Bachman, who at least had the good sense not to claim that she'd once seen John Wayne Gacy in a bandanna and ten-gallon hat, astride a palomino, galloping into the sunset.

Brian said...

I do not understand how, in reading through this WND stuff the first time (before you add such flourishes as, "I thought it was DiGiorno") you don't run screaming from your computer into the nearest shower, collapse into the corner, and clutch your knees to your chest saying "Krusty is coming, Krusty is coming." My eyes need a Silkwood-style wash down after reading that hateful crap. Not even the WOC treatment (as well done as it was) can dilute this bile. Also, love the utter lack of self-awareness in black bigotry. Cf. Prop 8...

Brian said...

"...[T]hey are a threat to ourselves and our way of life."
Apparently, under Sharia Law, it is forbidden to post racist, ignorant garbage on the internet.