Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Circle of Life: The Fond Farewell Edition

Speaking of longtime and beloved members of the Crapper Community, Li'l Innocent revealed in the comments to this post that she and her family recently lost their 12-year old diabetic pug, Albert.

At our request, Li'l was kind enough to send along some photos of Albert.  First, the Casual Yet Active Sears Catalog pose, showing Albert with his posse at the dog park:
 Li'l writes that this shot "was taken back in pre-diabetes, pre-sight impairment days (though he was a bit too plump). The chain reaction effect here is amusing! Look at 'em all gathering intel!"

He does indeed appear to have the most popular hindquarters in town.  It's like the dog park is East High School, and Albert's butt is Zac Efron.

Then we have the Sears Family Portrait Studio shot.  Look at that beautiful, soulful face.  L'il writes:
Albert doing the head-tilt, just one move in his extensive Anthropoid-Management System. A pug-serving human is a happy human.

Just as an aside, the way pugs get you is not only by being cute and smart, but by being amazingly funny. We used to watch Dog Whisperer religiously, and it was interesting that Caesar Millan never, in the time we were watching anyway, had a pug as a patient. I don't know why this was -- maybe a shortage of troubled pug owners? -- but it would have been very interesting to see him get around the cracking-up factor!
Rest in Peace, Albert.  A flight of angels sing thee to thy rest, and a thumb perpetually rub thy adorably furrowed brow.


Carl said...

I'm not crazy about pugs ever since that one bit me back in fourth grade, but I probably deserved it. He's cute, tho.

Nadine said...

So sad, Lil, that Albert had to leave this life. I'm certain that if he had a choice, he would stay. He has such a sweet face, I would've fell in love with him.

Nadine said...

BTW, I'm The Minx.

Kathy said...

My sympathies, Lil Innocent. The loss of a beloved pet leaves a big hole in one's heart.