Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy Birthday, M. Bouffant!

I'm laboring over my contribution to the Camp & Cult Blogathon (check here for the latest entries, and don't miss Ivan's take on Rock Hudson in Seconds), by which I mean, I'm doing everything I can to get through a movie that's doing everything it can to stop me.  But that's fine, because I needed to pause anyway and note that today is the natal anniversary of our friend, and fellow Hollywood Commie, M. Bouffant.
[Insert traditional cheesecake photo of Hollywood Commie for demonstration purposes.]

I know there's not much left of the day, M., but I hope the sunlit hours were happy, and that you continue to remorselessly wring the last few drops of happiness out the evening, right up until midnight, as if your birthday were a chicken that you particularly loathed.  (I realize that sentiment appears on every other Hallmark card, but what can I say -- I'm a traditionalist.)

Happy birthday, M.!


Ivan G Shreve Jr said...

"Forward," M. Bouffant! (Hollywood Commie talk!) I hope your birthday was a swell one...

Carl said...

They weren't booing, they were saying BOOOOOOOOOOUF!

Smut Clyde said...

I bought M. Bouffant a present but Ooops I seem to have drunk it myself.

heydave said...

Late to the party, but at least I arrived nekkid! Happy Birthday!

Weird Dave said...

(Let's see if I can get it right this time)

They don't call him Malignant for nothing.

Of course, me being me, when I first saw M. Bouffant I thought Monsieur Bouffant. I don't think that's right either.

Anonymous said...

I always assumed it stood for Monsieur too. Am I (gasp) wrong?
Whatev, a very happy birthday and many more wished to you, sir.

M. Bouffant said...

Late to my own party! Thanks all, & a shout-out to any of the other Spawn of Late Summer I may have missed congratulating.

The original M. is for Malignant. (Malignant Bouffant was a description of my hair-do in a "candid" & very humid picture.) More or less cleaned up the act for the Internet, but it conveniently works as Monsieur aussi!

Next Yr.: 60!

M. Bouffant said...

Too bad Ted Turner drove the lovely Jane up there away from communism toward Jesus.

Bill S said...

Sorry to be late in wishing you a Happy Birthday. And among those who share it with you:
Sophia Loren, Oscar-winning actress, sexy human.
Gary Cole, deep voiced actor.
Anne Meara, funny human.
Kristen Johnston, Emmy winning actress, funny human.
Ted Neeley, actor/singer (The lead in the film version of "Jesus Christ Superstar")
Upton Sinclair, writer
Clarice Taylor, actress ("Sesame Street", "The cosby Show")
Matthew & Gunner Nelson, musicians, twin sons of Rick Nelson, brothers of Tracy Nelson.
Dr. Joyce Brothers, psychiatrist.
Frank DeVol, musician
Nuno Bettancourt, musician (the 90's band Extreme)
Slappy White, funny human.

The source for the above list was the Internet Movie Database, which listed celebrities born on the day according to their popularity among site users. Sophia Loren was, inexplicably,only ranked #5, behind 4 people I've never heard of, one of whom is something called "Moon Bloodgood".

D. Sidhe said...

Late again!

Happy birthday, M! Hope you, uh. Choked that chicken? Scott, we're going to have to discuss your similes.

I knew what the M was for, but am a tad startled to discover the origin, in that I'd always sort of assumed it was a Monty Python joke I didn't quite remember.

Li'l Innocent said...

D. Sidhe reveals "... I'd always sort of assumed it was a Monty Python joke I didn't quite remember."

He'd have been a colleague, probably, of the great St. John (pronounced "Sinjin") Limbo...

I just always accepted the "M." as itself, I guess. Like "T.S." or "e.e." But I don't have to know a guy's name to wish him Many Happy Returns, when he's witty and probably cute, with all that hair!

Anonymous said...

should have posted this as well

Stacia said...

Happy belated birthday Comrade M Bouffant!

M. Bouffant said...

Thanks Bill, but the actual date is 19 Sep't., which I share w/ Adam West*, David McCallum, Twiggy & Jeremy Irons, right off the top of my head.

Moon Bloodgood (Same initials, but Malignant Bouffant nothing, that's a name!) is the lady lead of Falling Skies.

*Attended same high school & college we did, too. (Course I think he graduated from both & didn't attend any others. Show off.!)