Saturday, September 1, 2012

Post-Friday Beast Blogging: The Chiaroscuro Edition

Cats and window treatments.  Traditionally mortal enemies, they can occasionally combine to provide the ambitious photographer with a variety of effects and narrative devices:

1.)  Social satire of mid-20th Century bourgeois values:
"Mrs. Riley...You're trying to seduce me."

2.)  A metaphor for the human condition in the form of stark contrasts, such as a harsh oasis of light in the midst of a vast inky darkness:
"Please leave me out of your clumsy attempts at German Expressionism."

3.)  The Art of the Cute, as demonstrated by Special Guest Cat, Miss Zoe Luna, feline companion of our friend The Minx.
"I bet you're wondering how I can get my eyes to glow like this when the light is behind me...Well, to quote Crow T. Robot from the MST3K episode Pod People: 'It's called evil, kid.'"

(I pilfered Zoe Luna's portrait from FaceBook, with the Minx's permission, but it occurs to me that Crappers, by and large, are a highly animal-friendly community, so if you guys have any photos of fuzzy friends you'd like to share, feel free to email me.)

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Anonymous said...

I'm so excited, really more than is called for, but what the hell. My Zoe Luna has made her debut in World O' Crap! I couldn't be more proud. One thing that you didn't know about Miss Zoe is that she "talks" to me. I will make a comment to her and she will make one (or many) of a variety of feline noises that I'm just too uneducated to interpret. They range from a soft "mmm" to a more emphatic "mew" to the fully expressive "miaaaoow".
She was a rescue kitty. She was living a life of a decided lack of spoiling with a family, and she had kittens. All of the kittens except one died-- which is just awful, her kittens were probably gorgeous. The family was moving and took her kitten to the Humane Society; but, for some reason (perhaps she was hiding, maybe they just weren't kind people) left Zoe behind. They DID leave a window open (!) in the house and a neighbor saw Zoe going back and forth between the outside and the house, looking for her kitten. The neighbors took her in and she loved the kids in that family, following them all around the house. The youngest child in the family gave her the name "Zoey" from the character on Sesame Street, and I just dropped the "y". Fortunately for me, they gave Zoe to a Cat Rescue, where we found each other. And the rest is history!
So that concludes this major essay-- but I wanted to tell her story. Oh! She also has the softest fur I ever felt on a kitty that was not a Persian. She's really a lover and adores cuddles while I read in bed.
~The Minx~