Friday, August 16, 2013

Kissner Me, Stupid

What is it about criminology professors?  And what is it about California State University, Fresno?  First there was Dr. Professor Mike Adams, Ph.D, who taught criminology and wandered around Wilmington, North Carolina with a posse of personal pookas that included phantom Feminists, hallucinated hippies, and tongue-lashed lesbians.  Then we had Victor Davis Hanson, Cal State Fresno "classics professor" (his bio doesn't state what kind of classic he specialized in; could be anything, really -- Coke Classic, Classics Illustrated, Classical Gas...), who spent his spare time on a quest to find his stolen chainsaw and avenge himself on the thief, much like John Wayne hunted Natalie Wood and the Comanches who abducted her in The Searchers, except instead of tirelessly riding the deserts and prairies of the untamed West, he posted a bitchy, weirdly spelled complaint ("I left my chainsaw in the driveway to use the restroom inside the house. Someone driving buy saw it") at Pajamas Media.

Now comes Dr. Jason Kissner, "associate professor of criminology at California State University, Fresno," which is like the Reese's Peanut Butter cup you'd get if two men, each holding a bag of dog shit, collided on the street.

Clowning the Os

Translation: he's upset about the cashiered rodeo clown in Missouri, but also, like Dennis Prager, upset about our definitions!
I am going to be so bold as to suggest that many conservatives still do not want to come to grips with the true function of racial discourse in this country.
Yeah, they've been real shy about that lately.
Matters are not going to be set right until Americans take fully on board the brute fact that the "dialogue" on race in this country is, quite literally, psychotic.
Sadly, while Americans will allow brute facts to board, they still require them by law to sit in the back.  Happily, however, since our racial "dialogue" is "literally" psychotic, it may respond to treatment with antipsychotic medications.  Unhappily, since it's a pre-existing condition, we'll have to wait until 2014 before it's covered by insurance.
That this is so is easily seen by reflection that, for example, the racial "dialogue" we've been hectored about for several decades is in reality no "dialogue" at all; it is a monologue imposed by the powerful in order to decimate the values and individuality of the powerless.
Are you a powerless white person who's had a tenth of his values and individuality destroyed by all-powerful Negro monologists?  Try applying scare quotes to the problem.
When reality itself is completely contradicted by the description of it and the description is resolutely adhered to anyway, what you have is -- psychosis.
Yet Dennis said, "If we ceased using all arguments or descriptions because some people feel offended, we would cease using any arguments or descriptions," and frankly, I can't tell you who's right.  All I know is, if Lewis Carroll were alive today, he'd totally be stealing this shit.
In the current historical moment, the psychosis is quite functional: it serves to facilitate "progress" toward full blown Marxo-Fascism.
So hurry up, you guys!  It's Friday, and the sooner we fully board our brutal facts, the sooner we can get our Marxo-Fascism fully blown.  (FYI, there are Wet Naps in the glove compartment for after.)
Why was the rodeo clown branded a racist? Why did the MSM fail to question the veracity of Oprah's confabulation? Why was Zimmerman tried?
Why must I be a teenager in love?  These are serious questions, so take the weekend if you need to, but get back to me by Monday.
Because under Marxo-Fascism, individuals do not matter -- unless, of course, you are a member of the Ruling Class -- which is why, for example, people like Hypocrite Harry Reid feel no pressure to step down and support a minority candidate.
Okay, couple things here, Dr. KissMeKate...One, if the minorities are in charge, can't they just force H. Harry Reid to step down?  And if you're against Marxo-Fascism, but you want to start a class war, then it's only the Fascism you object to?
Thus, from the controlling vantage point of the Rulers, when the rodeo clown woke up on that "fateful" day, he was of course the same being he was when he fell asleep, which is to say either an overt racist, or a latent racist whose racism was, due to either the passage of time or the merest of deviations from Marxist script, invariably going to manifest itself.

I think this is the point in your criminology class where I'd give up taking notes and just log into Farmville.
If the first random white is not literally a racist, who cares -- the next one will be, and what's the first going to do about the false allegation? And, once more, what psychotic cares about the "literal" anyway?
That's a little unfair.  I may be psychotic, but I still know how to use the word "figuratively."
Surely there are tens of millions of racist white sales clerks and rodeo clowns in the suburbs of America!
I'll call Orkin.
The proof of this, of course, is that if these people were not racist, they would not live in the suburbs -- they would live in Detroit, which is, incidentally, where the clown Obama takes his "working" vacations, isn't it?
Uhhh...I dunno.  Is it possible for someone to get Mad Cow Disease mid-sentence?
In the minds of these radicals, all roads are racialized, and all racialized roads must lead to one destination
Meanwhile, in the minds of conservatives, all suits are Martinized!  All cars are Simonized!  This Week Only! (Please present coupon immediately upon ordering.)
This is of course strongly suggestive of the notion that behind the manufacturing of victims such as Trayvon lies hostility to liberty.
Well, immediately behind Traylon lay a meaner, more heavily armed Paul Blart, Mall Cop, but I take your meaning (first time this column! Yay, me.).
In sum, it is a brute fact
All aboard!
that the collectivist cabals that compose the federal government
...are exhausting our Strategic Alliteration Reserve.
If the Marxo-Fascist dictator and his followers do not like certain sales clerks or rodeo clowns of the world, we might ask whether it is because they do not like being clowned, and, similarly, whether it is because they do not like clowns. 
It would be decidedly odd if either if these possibilities were true.

Is it possible "criminology professor" isn't actually a teaching position, but just a really ineffective form of occupational therapy?


Stacia said...

Kissner is actually less coherent than paranoid lunatic (and alleged author) Sarah Hoyt, and that is saying something. That right-degree angle his brain took to get to suburbs full of rodeo clowns who aren't racist because they live in Detroit was spectacular, but it did give me whiplash.

scripto said...

I do not like being clowned, nor do I care for clowns. So, in conclusion...wait, what was the question?

Tim(The Other One) said...

This wins the internet today !

Li'l Innocent said...

I'm sorry, I'm too feeble to read this just now. And I'll just betcha Lewis Carroll would be having his problems with it too. It is, in its way, remarkable.

It's simply amazing to me who can get a fershlugginer doctorate these days. I dunno, maybe there were always some totally reason-impaired PhDs sloshing around, but I bet there weren't as many, and they didn't used to be let out of the attic so often.

grouchomarxist said...

It's simply amazing to me who can get a fershlugginer doctorate these days.

Hey! Give him a break: it takes quite a while to save up enough boxtops ...

full blown Marxo-Fascism

I've always known my time would come.