Saturday, June 28, 2014

Post-Friday Beast Blogging: The Foot Fist Way

RILEY: I was just thinking: I'm getting older -- aching bones, creaky joints -- but you know what? I'm still pretty limber! Then I realized: That's not my foot!

MOONDOGGIE: I'm trying to make shadow puppets with my hands but they all look like Abraham Lincoln.


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ANNTI said...

Every day, I become more and more sure that I want to come back as either one of your cats if I have to be recycled on this planet. If I can't achieve escape velocity off of this rock, I definitely wanna be Riley, Moondoggie, or the perpetually-joyous/loving/hamming-it-the-fuck-up-for-love-and-attention Bob, the most affectionate/funny ginger cat that I've ever known in person. If he were a people, he'd be a LINEBACKER, he's a big ol' boy, with enough constantly-shedding fur for FOURTEEN FUCKING CATS, but he'd be the sweetest linebacker in the history of the dain-bramaging "sport."