Saturday, August 27, 2011

Happy Birthday, Brian and Julia!

Please join me in wishing a very festive natal day to Brian Schlosser, commenter extraordinaire, and Mystery Science Theater 3000 scholar par excellence.  We'd also like to say Many Happy Returns to the sublime Julia, who is fairly MST3K-literate herself; once, when I nearly missed posting about Mary's birthday, and feared she would follow the example of Jimmy Wilson from I Accuse My Parents, and fall in with the world's wimpiest gangsters, Julia huffed:
Oh, fine, we won’t talk about the essay. Everyone just wants to forget the essay.
We’ll just pretend Jimmy never wrote the essay.
Are you happy now?
Well, we're happy in our work, and that must count for something.  And on that note, we've thrown together a little video souffle, consisting of all the birthday gags from the aforementioned classic episode (the industrial short on truck farming has been omitted for clarity) to honor our celebrants.


Brian?  Julia?  Be Happy in Your Birthdays, guys!


Bill S said...

Happy Birthday to both of you!

D. Sidhe said...

OMG! It's your birthday? Both of you? Awesome! Let me just get the rest of the staff and we'll come bring you balloons and sing that other Happy Birthday song at you. I'd offer you free desserts, but you both look like you'd rather have free cocktails...

Happy birthday, you two. :-)

Chris Vosburg said...

Happy Birthday, Brian and Julia, and many more to da bote a youse!

Thanks for the Birthday gag mashup from "I Accuse My Parents," Scott; great fun, quack quack quack!

Speaking of "The Giant Claw"-- and we were you know, a couple of days ago-- the fella at "Atomic Monsters" put together a battleship count video to mark the ridiculous number of times someone in the film uses the word in remarking on the size, fierceness or durability of the titular mexican-made puppet. Sort of like a Giant Claw Battleship drinking game-- but with all the tiresome non-drinking parts removed!

Scott said...

"You sunk my Giant Claw!"

I'd forgotten the "flying battleship" trope (I've forgotten most of the movie -- I was playing my own little drinking game at the time). Thanks for the link, Chris.

Brian Schlosser said...

Oh my goodness... I... I... I am quite overcome!

With absolutely no exaggeration, that is the best birthday present, ever! (For my birthday dinner, I feasted on hamburger sammiches and french fried potatoes! Yum yum yum!) Thank you, Scott, for making us laugh about getting older...again. May the Blessed Richard Basehart wing thee to thine rest.

@Bill S: Thank you kindly!

@D: Thank you too, and please... I'll take the cocktail. Or some whippets from the back. Got any whippets?

@Chris: Thanks to youse, too! That duck... I remember the first time I saw "I Accuse my Parents", my dad and I couldn't figure out what the HELL the quacking was about... then it hit us! Great runner...

And happy b-day also to my fellow 8/27er, Julia! I don't know about you, but I find the fact that we share a birthday with Lyndon Johnson, Ed Gein AND Pee-Wee Herman to be rather comforting...

Now, off to shirk!

Anntichrist S. Coulter said...

Happy happy, even though I dunno youze guyz dat much, joy joy happy happy joy joy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy joy joy joyyyy!!! Tah-dah-dah-dink-dink, dink-dink!

Anntichrist S. Coulter said...

BTW, OT, but: my security word was "REACHELL",,, Does that mean that I'm dead now?

heydave said...

Hell is other people!
At least those fucktards that don't visit World o' Crap!

Happy birthdays!

My wv: bullysa as in, "bully,sa, it's your birthday"*

*needs good accent to bring it to life

Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm late bringing the cake D ordered for you guys.It's a beaut and here's the silver shaker thing for the cocktails.Let's party down because Julia and Brian are still around ! Yay!

Anntichrist S. Coulter said...

Dear Heydave, if you met my neighbors or the racist twunts who "run" this particular scam-job of a "housing unit," you would be SCREAMING that "Hell is other people," belieeeeeve me. I was just hoping that I was dead so that I could HAUNT the motherfuckers and poltergeist their dinky-assed Dell computers to FRY THE BITCHES.