Friday, January 24, 2014

Random Scenes of Hollywood


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Hey! Where is all the snow?

Chris Vosburg said...

thunder, Los Angeles weather is starting to really piss me off because it's too warm (for January) and we've had exactly zero inches of rain so far this year, with no rain in sight for the next few days.

Got what, a quarter inch, in December. That's messed up, dude!

Anonymous said...

No rain in midwinter ? Whoa, bad news for the ecosystem, dude.
Suezboo (who understands your climate because it is the same as mine)

Chris Vosburg said...

Normally we'd have about six inches or so by this date (rainy season starts in July, ends in June).

We may actually escape the driest January on record tag, however, as a 60% chance of rain is predicted for this Friday (Jan 31).

Dusting off my umbrella...

Anonymous said...

Waaaahhhh, poor Vosburg... heh heh heh... tradeja! Lost ALL of the gorgeous banana trees (formerly 35-40' high, now bent in HALF by dead weight... NO analogies to my "life" THERE, huh...) @ the LAST frost, well, the last BAD hard-freeze (and no, that's not a sex joke, believe it or not), and we've got another coming in tonight... oh fuck, are ALL weather analogies that weird?

At least my bell pepper plants & "bachelor's buttons" plant survived, but the calla lilies that I somehow kept alive for a year CROAKED, all of the growing-like-wildfire, volunteering canna lilies (the FREE ones!) bit the dust and need a lot of work, as the banana trees need a small chainsaw. Usually you cannot STOP green things (and bugs, of course) from growing in the fine, black, river silt in this neighborhood and most of NOLA (the levees are hell on the bottom of this state, hence the coastal erosion; but never forget, it was CHENEY who blew 'em out & used Katrina as an excuse for that "randomly wandering" levee to smush a big hunk of the Lower 9!) --- but I had no way of protecting those gigantic banana trees (ORNAMENTAL bananas, not exactly edible), nor the very-populous & very-big cannas. Should've taken better care of the callas, 'cause them ain't free. Didn't know for the first year that I wasn't SUPPOSED TO HAVE CALLA LILIES INSIDE WITH THE CAT. They didn't tell me @ Lowe's OR Winn-Dixie, imagine that.

Oh, btw --- MISS Y'ALL LIKE ALL HELL!!! Google is holding my password fucking HOSTAGE 'cause I went back to FireFox and I won't give 'em even a FAKE phone number, because they HAVE NO SUCH RIGHT TO REQUIRE IT. Fuck that noise.

Big hugs & kisses to everybody... well, for the most part... heh heh heh...

Anonymous said...



" 'randomly-wandering' **BARGE** to smush the Lower 9!!!"

Get my room ready at the home.

Anonymous said...

& fuck HTML, for the 897,065,233,697th time.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to waste so much comment space, Scott, as it won't let anonymous commenters to edit our comments, but I forgot the most important part: GAWWGEOUS picture! Looks positively lovely there. Here, lotta DEAD trees & plants, hopefully we won't lose too many more this week & can cut-back the damage before too long.

Chris Vosburg said...

At least you can prove you're not a robot.

Some of the damn Captcha graphics are so hard to decipher, I usually have to round up one of the local robots to help me figger 'em out.

Anonymous said...

Carl, I just spent 25 minutes responding to your Captcha comment and how it discriminates against eyeballs over 30, and this cocksucking piece-of-shit machine just ERASED THE WHOLE FUCKING THING AND WENT TO SOME HORSESHIT, ILLEGALLY-DOWNLOADED FUCKING ***YAHOO*** PIRACY MOTHERFUCKING "PAGE" THAT I NEVER AUTHORIZED OR REQUESTED!!!!!!

Maybe someday, I can get over being pissed-off enough to re-tell you my eyeball story, but not tonight. Anybody know how to purge one's computer of EVERY & ANYTHING EVEN VAGUELY-RELATED TO FUCKING YAHOO?!?!?!