Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Force...AWAKENS!

...then hits the Snooze button and mutters, "Just five more months..."

The new edition of the All-Star Summer Jamboree podcast is out, and this episode is all about the geekgasmic movie news that leaked and oozed and pre-came from Comic-Con:
ASSJam Episode 63 “Grumpy McGrumpnuts Gets His Geek Back” 
Starring Jeff Holland and Scott Clevenger 
Music by Josiah Yareff and Ralph Ramond Hayes 
This week Jeff and Scott discuss Batman, Suicide Squad, and a LOT of Star Wars as Jeff reconnects with his inner child until it issues a restraining order.
There are the usual obsessive digressions, plus the never before told story of how I discovered the existence of Star Wars long before most kids my age, but thought -- due to a tragic miscommunication -- that it was about Star Belly Sneetches.  Click on the link above to give it a listen.

[By the way, my sincerest apologies for all the dead air around here lately. Things have been a little rough chez stately Crap Manor, but I plan to rise above it like an inexplicably buoyant Ugandan and resume actual blogging shortly.]

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