Wednesday, February 3, 2016

From Primordial Soup to Nuts

The Slumgullion, episode 1 premieres this Saturday! What the hell is that, and why should you care? Well, as man's wisdom is finite, I'm afraid I can only answer one of those questions: The Slumgullion is the new podcast starring the very funny and very opinionated Jeff Holland, and the very me, Scott Clevenger.

In the meantime, we present a brief featurette in which we preview the new theme song, and explain how we survive things gone mad and girls gone wild, in a world we never made. Also, Jeff has an oddball little theory he'd like to discuss. If you've got a moment, please check it out by clicking here.

(I'll understand if you don't have a moment, because you're spending the day watching old Bob and Ray bits on YouTube.)


Dr.BDH said...

Good old "Slow Talkers of America." No more episodes of "Mary Backstayge, Nobel Wife." No more visits to "Garish Summit."*

* "Far above the squalid village below, they fight their petty battles over power and money."

Jeff said...

I am honored by your compliments, good sir...and yes, you are very you! ;)

Anonymous said...

ANNTI sez...

Sorry that I can't play along, kids, but I'm sure that it's brilliant. (See lower comments for usual cuss-along-with-Bitch narratives...)


Debbi said...

So glad to hear your charming voices via podcast! Awesome!

Good luck getting your feed! We all need to eat! :)

Great theme song! Reminiscent of Firesign Theatre. :)