Friday, February 5, 2016

Things Are Coming To a Boil!

Another surprise mini-sode (at least, it came as a surprise to me)!  Jeff and Mary have a grief counseling session over the Star Wars Holiday Special, while I play the part of the suicidal (or homicidal) caller to a late night radio talk show.
Wookies and Music and Porn Oh My 
Starring Jeff Holland and Scott and Mary Clevenger 
Another special lead up to Saturday’s premiere of The Slumgullion. Tangents are kept to a surprising minimum as Jeff and Mary deal with a shared childhood trauma known as The Star Wars Holiday Special. Scott has used much medication to remove those horrible memories from 1978, but Mary and Jeff have suffered greatly, and it is time for closure. 
NOTE: Scott may sound a little distant in this particular conversation, but he is speaking through a tin can attached to a string.
Click the link above and hear Mary and Jeff laugh, cry, and try to outgeek each other by naming all the toys and tie-in merchandise they collected. Justin Bieber passes himself off as Diahann Carroll by adding another "n" to the end of his name. Then Bea Arthur shows up and demands that you dream about her.

I dare you not to.


Debbi said...

I can't wait to hear this! :) Awesome!! Scott and Mary together!

If I could only convince Rick to join me in a podcast! :)

Doc Logan said...

Yikes. I saw this travesty as it originally ran, I even persuaded my mother to let me record it on our Volkswagen sized VCR. And I never watched it again. It's telling that George Lucas, who unashamedly gave us Jar Jar Binks, is so embarrassed by this (justifiably so), that he refuses any sort of official release.

Scott said...

I knew there had to be at least one of you guys who saw TSWHS when it aired. Props to Doc Logan for being the first to step up and admit it here in group therapy. I feel like we've made a breakthrough.

Doc Logan said...

Oh, I remember the anticipation. It aired on a Friday night, so I had been staring at the ad in TV Guide for nearly two weeks. A friend came over to my house to watch, and I remember the mood going from sky high to subterranean in about fifteen minutes. About twenty minutes in, me and my friend invented riffing.

The Boba Fett cartoon wasn't terrible. Not good, but it shone like a diamond when surrounded by the steaming heap if poo it was embedded in.