Friday, August 17, 2012

Gina Miller, Agent of D.Y.K.E.

I don't believe we've featured Ms. Miller before, so we can probably file this one under Scouting Reports, but according to her astonishingly brief (by RenewAmerica standards) bio, "Gina Miller, a native of Texas and current resident of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, is a conservative Christian political writer and radio/television voice professional."

More than that, she's a secret agent who has penetrated to the very bowels of the "homofascist" High Command.  Okay...Let's cue the Monty Norman surf guitar, and somebody get Julian Bond a white Persian cat!
Southern Poverty Law Center, homofascists target Mississippi museum
Today in the United States, one of the greatest threats — if not the greatest threat — to religious freedom and freedom of speech is the militant homosexual movement. There is no overstating this fact.
No, I agree -- I don't think there's any way you could make it sound much stupider.
 In the few years since the homosexual advocate Barack Obama (or whatever his name is)
"They Call Me MISTER President!"
was installed in the presidency, we have seen a boldness in the sexual anarchy movement unparalleled in our history. 
The same thing happened a couple years ago when we had a DSL line installed.  I'm still sore from all the anarcho-syndicalist sex.  But exactly how bold is it?

Obama has set homosexuals in positions at the highest levels in our government, and this is yet another of the myriad reasons it is crucial that he be ejected from power.
Unfortunately, in our haste to get the President's high level people out of their homosexual positions, we misread Gina's command and accidentally ejected Obama from the 1995 film Powder.  But it sucked pretty hard, and now I'm wondering if that wasn't what he wanted all along, and maybe he was just playing a whole Br'er Rabbit/Briar Patch mind game on us.
There is a concerted effort by radical homosexuals to use our courts to force the "acceptance" of their degenerate behavior on our country. We now see it regularly with homosexuals targeting Christian-owned businesses and other institutions, insisting with threats of legal action that Christians set aside their freedom of religion to accommodate the perverse demands of the homosexuals. They often succeed in their intimidation tactics.
They do?  Well, in that case I guess it's time for me to grease up and join the winning team!
To those who are not paying attention or who are beguiled by the deceptive message of homosexuals "only wanting equal civil rights," it is easy to discount the warnings of those of us who know the end goal of this sinister movement.
And how does Gina know the secret end goal of this sinister movement?  Frankly, I don't know, I wasn't paying attention, but I assume she went undercover as a lesbian.  She probably had to wear a lot of plaid, listen to a lot of Ani DiFranco, and raise a lot of large, friendly dogs, but gradually, over the years, she gained the trust of the militant, radical homosexual cabal, until she was at last able to listen in on the movement's innermost deliberations.  Later, utilizing "Moscow Rules" and a series of secure dead-drops, the Double-Naught Spy passed on their nefarious plans to her case officer at D.Y.K.E. (Damn, You're Killing Everyone!).
 We have yet another example of homosexual bullying — this time, occurring in collusion with the despicable Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). As you know, the SPLC has never met a patriotic, Constitution-cherishing, conservative Christian group that it did not smear with the "hate" label.  
Which is a mistake, because I find they taste better with a nice dry rub.  Anyway, I really wish I'd grown up in this evil alternate reality where gays are the bullies and the Southern Poverty Law Center is the Klan, because I'm pretty sure I would have gotten beat up less and fit in a lot better, due to my unquestionable ability to rock a goatee.
These people in the SPLC are anti-American, anti-freedom subversives who should never be given an ounce of credibility in a sane world. But, of course, our world is not sane, and thus, the SPLC enjoys not only mainstream "credibility," but also federal non-profit, tax-exempt status.
While in our own, positive matter universe, this role is filled by the Southern Baptists.
So, the SPLC has found a pair of young women to use as battering rams against the Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum in Jackson. The two girls claim they want to have a "commitment ceremony" at the museum, but the museum's policy has always been to refuse same-sex ceremonies, because homosexual "marriage" is not legal in Mississippi.
But the SPLC sent a letter threatening a lawsuit, and the "Republican Mississippi Agriculture Commissioner Cindy Hyde-Smith," who at first refused to approve the ceremony, grudgingly backed down, issuing a statement which read in part, "Based on my personal and religious beliefs, I strongly object to this, but I have no alternative, due to this advice, but to allow the processing of this permit to move forward."

So let's drink a toast to Commissioner Hyde-Smith for lacking the courage of her antediluvian convictions, or, perhaps, for being inspired to rise above a lifetime of ugly bias and finally do the right thing under penalty of a costly lawsuit.  Cheers!

Gina, however, is a bit torqued off about the whole thing.
Because there is no state law specifically outlawing same-sex "commitment ceremonies," then that means they should be allowed?
Well, how would you disallow it, Gina, since even the Mississippi Attorney General said "The federal courts have clearly said that no state can prohibit any individual from using a state-owned facility to express his or her First Amendment rights."

Read more here:
 That is twisted "logic." 
And if we really were living in the Star Trek "Mirror, Mirror" universe you seem to think we are, I bet you could make that argument on Vulcan and it would totally carry the day, assuming the Vulcan Science Council was staffed entirely by SKOAL-dippin', nose pickin' yahoos.
There are probably no state laws specifically outlawing polygamist "commitment ceremonies," either, yet we know they are wrong, period. It is a shameful day when there has to be a law spelling out common-sense, moral truths, or else reprobates will use "legal loopholes" to impose their immoral will on society.
And once the reprobates are permitted to impose their immoral will, it's only a short step to a society in which we are all living beneath the ethical iron heel of the blackguards, the scoundrels, the dastards, and the scalawags, with only the occasional scamp, mountebank, and ne'er-do-well to relieve the tension.

As it turns out, the young women themselves weren't really all that interested in turning their commitment ceremony into a political cause célèbre.  From the newspaper article that got Gina's gall bladder churning out all that surplus gall:
The SPLC had said it would settle for nothing less than the state completely lifting the ban on gay ceremonies.

"Our clients are happy that they will have the opportunity to express their love for one another in front of their family and friends," SPLC lawyer Elissa Johnson said in a statement.

Sturgis told The Associated Press last month she had gone to a friend's wedding at the museum and liked it, so she thought it would be the right place for her and Key to publicly profess their love. She said they're not asking the state to recognize them as a married couple, but they just want to be able to rent the venue for a celebration as a heterosexual couple could. 
 Anyway, back to the Secret Policeman's Gall:

This woman says that homosexual couples will be treated the same as heterosexual couples, and nowadays too many misguided people see nothing wrong with that statement. 
It must be exhausting to perpetually stand athwart history, yelling, "I'm a dick!"
Homosexuality is a sin, and homosexual couples who practice their perverse bedroom behavior bear no relation to the normal, God-ordained marriage between a man and a woman.
I'm sorry, but I think this is unfair.  Let's compare a civil union between two women with the God-ordained marriage of, say, the Rev. Gary Aldridge.  True, the same-sex couple might don fewer wetsuits (it really depends on how many lesbians are big fans of Sea Hunt), while very possibly using an equivalent number of dildos.
 To say the two should be treated "equally" is the epitome of dead-wrong, because there will never be "equality" between sin and truth.
 Hatred and stupidity, however, are still neck and neck.
So, is this just an isolated case of two girls hoping to make their dream day come true? Nope. Let's look at one of the two girls, Ceara Sturgis, who has made herself into a Justin Bieber look-alike. 
Again, I have to cry foul, since it's entirely possible that your anger would be better directed at Justin Bieber for making himself look like a lesbian.
The Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum was an easy target for these homofascist girls and the fascist SPLC.
As Hitler himself might have crowed, "First the Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum, next the Biedenharn Museum of Coca-Cola Memorabilia!"
To the State Agriculture Commission, fighting this insane demand was more trouble than it was worth. The militant homosexual movement wins many of their diabolical battles this way.
That's how you can really tell when you're facing down pure Evil.  The more diabolical a cause, the more likely it is to inspire the forces of Light to rally and, as if with one voice, go "Meh."
Most people, businesses and states do not have the "extra" money set aside to defend against attacks from sodomites seeking to force their depraved will on the American people.
I guess I'm a little depraved myself, because whenever I hear about sodomites seeking to force their will on me, I always imagine something a little more exciting than two nice young women smooching in front of the Bisland Cotton Gin display at the Ag Museum while Aunt Lola tries to figure out how her cell phone camera works.
These girls and the SPLC knew beforehand that the museum did not allow same-sex travesty ceremonies on their property
Although, according to the Museum itself, it's a great place for a birthday party.
so they targeted the museum and set out to dismantle that right-and-proper policy. Militant homosexuals pull this kind of legal thuggery all over the nation. It is a campaign that, if not stopped or at least firmly resisted, will ultimately result in our loss of freedom of speech and expression and freedom of religion. Don't doubt it for a minute.
Oh, I don't, Gina, I don't.  In fact, thanks to the way these girls profaned the Agricultural and Forestry Museum with their love, I doubt I'll ever again be able to look upon the scale model Grist Mill with the same innocent eyes.

Read more here:


heydave said...

I am so glad astute observers such as Gina are watching our for me... while I yawn.

Carl said...
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Carl said...

Militant homosexuals?

I'm guessing raspberry berets and tastefully decolletaged T-shirts?

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

The Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum = the Sudetenland, and Scott just sits there and laffs!

trashfire said...

SPLC has brought suits against Klan and similar hate groups who have inspired violence against minorities, and in fact broken some of them financially. I suppose these hate groups are the god-fearing christian organizations that Gina is referring to in the opening paragraphs of her piece.

Woodrowfan said...

I had a goatee for a brief while in school. I didn't so much look like "Mirror Mirror" Spock as "Mirror Mirror" pasty white guy with a large, possibly rabid, dust bunny on his chin.

And Gina, speaking as a life-long Christian, born again and everything, if you claim to be a Christian, you're doing it wrong. The Bible is supposed to instruct you how to get closer to God by living your life in a way that pleases Him. It's not a brick to whack people you hate.

Dr.BDH said...

So in GinaWorld, there is a finite amount of freedom of speech and if a homosexual is allowed to have some, Gina and all Christians have to get by with less.

Kathy said...

Dr. BDH: Exactly! There are not enough Civil Rights and Freedoms to go around! Society mustn't give them to Those People or the Right Type of People will end up stranded and all alone, and at a loss for insulting words to call "the others".

Stacia said...
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Stacia said...

And speaking of no known antidote, Gina here proves that stupid is bone-deep and permanent.

Despite what Gina seems to think, the burning questions of the day are not what the homosexualist agenda is or how to best thwart First Amendment rights, but rather, if everyone was off buying waffle fries on We Loves Us Some Bigoted Chicken Sammiches Day, then who was fucking the livestock?

Anntichrist S. Coulter said...

1. I'm sorry, darlin', but I could not slog through this entire, illiterate-even-by-Mizzippi-"standards," tit-deep-in-batshit-crazy-horseshit clusterfuck. Nothing against your usual brilliance, Scott, I just can't hang right now, when maggots like HER are the reason that I'm homeless, even if THOSE racist asshole motherfuckers happen to have more African-American/Redbone Indian in 'em than I do.

2. I'm spitting distance from the Mizzippi cost --- all I need is a home address and gas money, perhaps the stainless-steel .357 that I was SUPPOSED to inherit from Teh Dick... hey, I know what's EXPECTED from me, woodchippers, rose bushes, tire tools, the works, but tent living is fucking PAINFUL, baby, and I can only swing so much.

Anntichrist S. Coulter said...

Mizzippi COAST, for fuck's sake!!!

And yes, the Fallen Uterus gleefully handed over all 3 things that Teh Dick had ever told me that I could inherit: that S&W revolver & his saddle (they're all MIDGETS, dammit, I'm the only one that it ever FIT!!) to PSYCHO-CUNT THE GUN-NUT REPUBLICUNT TRAITOR/PEDOPHILE-ENABLER SUGAR-DADDY-COLLECTING SKANK of yore, now shacked-up in OKLAHOMA with her recent acquisition & a new house in OKLAHOMA (when you're too fucktarded for MONTANA, where else do ya go??!?!), and Teh Dick's big ol' pocketknife by Case, a knife that I've coveted all of my fucking life and that he carried everywhere, of course, THAT hadda go to the baby-raping, dog-murdering, left-back throwback flunky fucktard MORON Son-King NEANDERTHAL MOUTH-BREATHING PENIS-BEARER of that particular clan/klan.

Typical. Cunt.

Chris Vosburg said...

Nothing to add to what's already been well-said, except:

Jeez, did Cowboy Mike really call the Mads "ya hairdressin' little cowpokes?" (at about the one minute mark).

honey the monster said...

Where I'm from, while lesbians do wear a lot of plaid, and have a dog or two, they raise alpacas. Yes. Alpacas. It's so pervasive that I suspect they get some sort of merit badge for it. Offered, FWIW.

Chris Vosburg said...

My apologies for not have said so sooner, but welcome back, Annti, our very own Maid of New Orleans. Good to see you again.

Kathy said...

If one operates with the conservatard mentality that all s.e.x. is disgusting and filthy and God pukes every time a married man & woman "do it", its easy to understand their sick horror at the very idea of "gay s.e.x."


Li'l Innocent said...

Annti, honey! I'm so sorry about the tent, how I wish I was rollin' in legal tender and could shift some tenderly over to you. And I'm sorry indeed about the knife.

But I'm glad to see your poetry unimpaired!

I made it thru Scott's take-down all the way (also poetry), and as so often happens, I ended up wondering wide-eyed about what the source of the resentment and viciousness in this woman might be. She sure puts her heart and soul in her hating.

Anonymous said...

How would the lesbian couple be sodomites attacking the state ?

Keith said...

But, of course, our world is not sane, and thus, the SPLC enjoys not only mainstream "credibility," but also federal non-profit, tax-exempt status.

I'm far from sane, so Gina, how do I go about obtaining mainstream cred and non-profit, tax-exempt status? I'd like to explore further.

BTW, which "world" were you referring to as being not sane?

Answer: "Our world." Just about sums it up, don't it?

Rebuscado said...

I don't get two things: (1) why a lesbian would be a "sodomite"? and (2) polygamy is normal in the Bible, so why all the fuss about that? Anyway... meanwhile in Argentina we have gay marriage and the Apocalypse didn't come (yet).