Monday, August 27, 2012

The World is a Circle Without a Beginning...*

Speechless.  The only word that accurately describes my mental state since July 30th is the word words.  

Since that day, both Scott and myself have never felt more grateful or honored to have the kindest, most hilarious and most generous readers of our little Mom 'n' Mom and Pop (plus Cats) blog.  Your response to our "Beg-a-Thon" was nothing short of miraculous.

I also believe that it was your support that started to turn our fortunes around for the best.

I've now finished my second week at my new school, and I don't think I've stopped smiling, not even once.  I have a fabulous group of students, wonderful colleagues, a principal who actually provides both guidance and support, and extremely involved, supportive parents. 

I find myself wondering, "How did I get here? I have such a cool class, and it's all in a place I had never imagined even existed!"  It was a conversation I was having with a parent the other morning which revealed the answer to my question:

Parent: "How long have you been teaching?"

Me:      "Hm. In Sept. it will be 20 years."

Parent: (Politely skeptical) "That's not possible! You don't look old enough to have taught so long!"

Me: (Blush...)

Now, in my old school, I frequently had students who would accidentally call me "Grandma". Who am I kidding?!  I've had kids who would accidentally call me "Grandpa", as well ( that one had me paranoid about my facial hair for weeks!)!

Now suddenly, in this new school, I've had more than one person telling me I look too young to have been teaching for 20 years.  And that's when I realized it -- this is no ordinary school! I'm working at Shangri La Elementary!

I've never felt happier, healthier, or more confident, and it's all thanks to you! Now that I've been rendered speechfull, let me stop speaking and start showing. Please enjoy these various pictures of Shangri La Elementary:

Here's our library. Note the lushness typical of the hidden Tibetan highlands

A courtyard between classrooms. Perfect for quiet contemplation and planning out the next 300 years of your life.
I had hoped to meet Ronald Colman traipsing through this magical garden of earthly delights.  Unfortunately, the best I could manage was Bobby Van from the crappy 70s remake.
My classroom. All it needs is the kids!  (Please see High Lama Sam Jaffe in the Admissions Office for an enrollment form.)
Ready for the First Day of School, Aug. 14th, 2012

 And, finally, the Teachers Lounge.

I would post pictures of my students, but apparently some of them are in the "industry" and their agents would prefer they actually get paid for any photo ops.  Take it from me, they are adorable, hilarious (in other words: they totally get me), and brilliant.

I just want to thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for your kindness and caring. Without you, I would never have discovered (and been hired) at Shangri La Elementary, nor would I have discovered everlasting youth and near immortality.


Chris Vosburg said...

You're welcome.

I gotta say, this looks like the dream gig to beat all dream gigs.

Try not to screw it up, okay? [laughing] If it was me, I'm sure I'd find a way!

Thorlac said...

It couldn't have happened to a nicer pair a folks. At least, that is what your extensive dossier says.

Anonymous said...

This is what they promised you back at Teachers Training College. It took 20 years to find but it's real ! It exists!
Enjoy. Educate those little buggers til their ears bubble.

heydave said...

I have spent my own last idyllic days with this woman I met recently, and every time things just seem to get better between us, I am forced to make a remark that suits you too: AFT*!!1!

Seriously, so happy for you.

And, seriously, yes, gloating from my little corner of the world. AFT, baby!

*(About Fucking Time)

Bill S said...

"Living together, growing together..."

Li'l Innocent said...

Coming from a family fulla grade school teachers as I do, all I can say is that never has spiritual bliss, perpetual youth, and near immortality been more completely earned than by a dedicated, HARD working (non teachers have little idea how hard) classroom teacher. Like you! So wallow in that bliss, and it's our pleasure, believe us.

Debbi said...

At last, a happy teacher story! Awesome. Congrats! :)

Kate said...

I haven't been here in nearly a year so now I see this, well that's just grand. I just wish for the day when liberal socialist democrats take over America and we all can build schools like this, on the money we take back by selling plutocrats assets.

Yes, I dream.

Carl said...

You're welcome.

Now where's the book?