Monday, August 27, 2012

Happy Birthday, Brian and Julia!

First, let me second Mary's thanks to the many wonderful folks who contributed to the Wo'C Automobile Zombification program.  As it turned out, the cost to reanimate the car was higher than initial estimates -- and then even after it was alive, alive!, it failed the smog test, so further therapy was required (although I don't blame the car, because if I'd been lying dead for the past two years I doubt I could just rise from the grave and ace an exam -- and I tend to test well) -- but thanks to the astonishing and touching generosity of you, the World O' Crap reader, we were able to get it street legal in time for the first day of school at Shangri-La Elementary (Go Lamas!). You guys are the best.

Next, it's the birthday of veteran Crappers Brian and Julia, so please join me in wishing them a very Happy Whatever is Left of Their Special Day, Which isn't Much, Depending on Time Zone.  I really meant to post this earlier, but last night we went to visit friends in the Hollywood Hills.  Well, the Hollywood hill.  Kind of a low hill, actually -- but very steep! -- and since Smooth Summer Jazz was casting its magic spell over the Hollywood Bowl, many of the side streets were blocked off and parking was impossible, so we decided to walk it.  In return, my spine decided to treat my wayward disc the way Laurence Olivier treated Dustin Hoffman's central incisor in Marathon Man.  So I'm a bit behind on my work.

Since it's a little late for the daily horoscope, how about a reprise of the mini-movie we edited together for last year's fete, featuring all the birthday gags from the classic MST3K episode, I Accuse My Parents?

Happy birthday, guys!

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Chris Vosburg said...

Say, that's fine, here's five dollars. Go and have yourself a time, you two!