Monday, November 4, 2013

Spanning the Globe...

Or at least clicking on our blogroll...

After pulling some marathon sessions to meet a deadline, my spine has crumbled into dust, the way vampires do when exposed to sunlight, except the suave undead usually leave behind an empty suit of evening clothes, perhaps an opera cape and a collapsible top hat, while my pile of dust is wearing a ratty old plaid bathrobe.  Anyway, I'm going to self-medicate and go lie down.

On the bright side, Stacia has posted Chapter Four of The Monster and the Ape at She Blogged By Night, while over at our precocious blog spawn, Thrilling Days of Yesteryear, the indefatigable Ivan is celebrating his tenth anniversary (according to Emily Post, for ten year old classic film blogs the proper gift is an improperly sealed, slightly rusty canister of highly volatile silver nitrate film stock).  Drop by and wish him well.

I'll be back later this evening.


Li'l Innocent said...

Hey, Scott, try wearing a cumberbund under your bathrobe. It will improve the post-disintegration effect.

Alternatively, start referring to your old plaid friend as a "dressing gown".

Hope the vertebrae are reconstituting properly.

Stacia said...

According to an educational cartoon short I saw as a kid in the 1970s, all you have to do is unhinge your skull, push it forward and pour delicious, wholesome milk into your spine.

Ooor wait, maybe that happened back in 1998 when I watched Adult Swim after dropping acid. Either way, it should work, television doesn't lie to us.

Feel better soon!

Ivan G Shreve Jr said...

Many, many thanks to you, Br'er Scott, for the anniversary shout-out. I have never been embarrassed to tell people that it was Wo'C that provided the impetus for me to start blogging. I just wish I could say the same for S.Z. - I notice the hush money checks get bigger and bigger with each passing year.

Here's hoping you rest up and are back in action soon, listening to the children of the night and marveling at the music they make...

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Come back, Scott!

The world is still full of crap...we need you.

Anntichrist S. Coulter said...

Yeah! Where the hell are ya, boyo??? Do we need to do a spinal-tap with some Quik-Rete to get you upright and functional again???

BTW, if anybody gives a finely-haired rat's ass about why I didn't get my fucking knee surgery today (not that anyone SHOULD, but just on the off-chance that someone MIGHT...), the comments in the 10/31 Riley post will eventually show up, once Scott can get to his computer without screaming loud enough to frighten his disco-loving neighbors; also, there's more than a mere mention in ChrisV's happy-happy joy-joy birfday post. When I can stop vibrating with pure fucking RAGE (and no, not "vibrating" in ANY kind of fucking "GOOD WAY," believe y'all me!), there'll be a mass-mail screaming-hissy-fit shriek-a-thon, especially since I spent all $124 of my food stamps (PIYUSH JINDAL ***SENT***BACK*** THE EXTRA MONEY THAT OUR PRESIDENT SENT US TO *SAVE* MEDICAID & FOOD STAMPS IN THIS HATING-THE-POOR, PSEUDO-REPUBLICUNT STATE!! So now, thanks to GENOCIDAL JINDAL, I get THIRTEEN BUCKS ***LESS*** THAN THE UNFAIR BULLSHIT AMOUNT THAT I HAD BEFORE!!!) on perishables to stock-up on stuff that I won't get to have for the 2 post-op weeks when I'm NOT ALLOWED TO DRIVE.

SOMEbody @ Tulane University's joke of a "hospital" needs to be fed, feet-first, into the fucking woodchipper for this. Also, Scott desperately needs an inversion board, whether it's a Teeter-Totter or whatever the brand-name is, THAT BOY NEEDS PASSIVE TRACTION ON HIS SPINE, BEFORE THOSE DISKS START TO POP LIKE OVER-ABUSED SILICONE IMPLANTS IN A FIVE-FLICKS-A-DAY PORN "ACTRESS"!!!!!! Seriously.

After all, do any of y'all want Scott to turn into *ME*?!?!?!?

(And no, not on the porn angle, on the EXPLODED DISKS/UNNECESSARY-FUSION-BULLSHIT angle.)

Yeaaahhh, no, I didn't think so. Acupuncture ain't gonna cut it, by a long fucking shot.