Sunday, August 3, 2014

Post-Friday Beast Blogging: The "Cats of the Cheap Seats" Edition

RILEY:  Well...this could'a gone better.

MOONDOGGIE: (Sigh)  I guess next time I should just spend the money and get the Premiere Club Preferred Seating with Extra Leg Room.


Anonymous said...

They are looking far from gruntled.

Anonymous said...

ANNTI said...

Moonie is looking fatter than my long-lost & much-beloved Bubbe Boy cat... and since Bob & Chucky can't come inside & run rampant with James, James is getting quite the round little rear himself... definitely misses the exercise & attention, thanks to the slumlord who tried to, QUITE ILLEGALLY, evict me over CELLPHONE TEXTS b/c of my feeding 5 cats in the back yard ONCE A DAY, b/c the recently-evicted-from-ANGOLA-STATE-PEN junkie alcoholic who'd illegally lived next door until he killed his own mother. YEAH, ***THAT'S*** the person that *I'D* listen to, wouldn't you?!?!!?

So now Bob & Chucky can't come inside and play w/James at night anymore, and they don't understand why, and it makes me feel really guilty & hurts my heart to tell them "no" every damned night, but if I'm not here, still LIVING HERE, to feed them, WHO WOULD? Not easy to explain that in cat. So I just pet Bob as much as is physically possible, TRY to get him to understand the concept of "SLUMLORD," and keep their food dishes on the property line.

If any of y'all hit the Powerball, wouldja cut a little loose for me to live somewhere with teh kittehs where they'll be safe & welcome? Not trying to bum-out an adorable kitteh thread, just wish that all kittehs could be as spoiled-rotten & happy & content as Riley & Moondoggie.

Yer Ranty Aunty Annti

Anonymous said...

ANNTI said...

Sorry for being Annti The Thread-Killer here, Scott... I keep forgetting how easily that I can murder a thread in cold blood WITHOUT TRYING TO OR EVEN FORMING INTENT. Honestly. I just try to play with everybody else, and wind-up bumming everybody else or making them avoid the thread for the remainder of its time on the front page...

Honestly didn't mean to be such a drag, sincerely sorry that I moidered yet another comment thread. They're wunnerful kitteh pix and adorable captions and they deserve a hilarious wealth of comments, not to be avoided because nobody wants to post next to my bummers.

Give teh kittehs my & teh outside kittehs & James' love, even though the little bastard has been throwing a hunger-strike protest for 2 days because it RAINED yesterday and he didn't get to go outside. But with the asshole "neighbor" on the other side of this wall NEVER cutting the grass anywhere but where his dog leaves giant Brontosaurus turds, the fleas & skeeters, despite my spending a fortune on pesticides to the contrary, are breeding like crazy on those long/tall blades of grass that are safely away from the roots where the pesticide resides.

Anybody wanna come help with yard work? I don't want those freshly-repopulated skeeters re-infecting him with heartworms again! And no, my knee STILL hasn't been RE-FIXED since the post-op fall in May, so that's the only reason that I'm not dragging the mower out front or doing it with the weedeater, honestly.


And again, Scott, my most-sincere apologies for killing such a gorgeous kitteh-pic post's comment thread.

Scott said...

You didn't kill anything, Annti -- honestly. Kitty pics historically garner fewer comments than other types of posts (same with the movie stuff), and I suspect not a lot of people saw this one to begin with. Due to an unusually prolific posting schedule this week, it was almost immediately pushed down the page.

I adore your comments, and I know most other people here do too, and miss you when you're gone.