Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Random Scenes of Hollywood and Elsewhere

Is it just me, or do these Wal-Mart greeters seem to be getting kind of hardcore?

The Pope + The Queen = Hot Sex. This may be the worst logic puzzle HIGHLIGHTS magazine has ever done.
This motto may be true, but I could also say the same thing about that mercurochrome I licked off my elbow at age 4.
Any random movie theater.

The "Hollywood Renaissance" continues apace, with a multitude of construction cranes looming over the skyline like so many Brobdingnagian drinking birds.

The infield at Santa Anita Racetrack. Seems somehow a little less Runyonesque with the palm trees.


Jono said...

Maybe the magazine rack knows something we only suspect.

Li'l Innocent said...

Does living in Hollywood turn you into a witty satirist -- maybe in self-defense -- or do witty satirists just naturally gravitate there?

Those are really nice piccies, also.

heydave said...

Pretty cool!

Anonymous said...

Enviable photography, brilliant timing.

Anonymous said...


That was me.

Which amounts to about as much as the ACTUAL good that any republicunt has ever done for anyone but her/himself & his/her daddy's cronies, but there it is, such as it is.