Sunday, January 2, 2011

When Stupid Honors Happen to Crazy People

Due to her principled stand against homosexuality (and a little assist from Sadly, No!), Robin of Berkeley won the Gay Patriot's Grande Diva Wackjob contest. But as other great people of history can attest, with victory comes snippy email from the runners-up. Here's Robin:

Well, not even a day has passed on my Diva victory that I am confronted with some hate mail. However, for a change of pace, these missives are from conservatives, not progressives.

It seems that some conservatives have taken umbrage to my win. The reason, it appears, is that I penned an article recently entitled, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t Repeal!

You remember that recently entitled article about Robin's recovery of a repressed memory of 90 years ago of how Robin was in women's' locker room and was raped hit on looked at by one Judy, a possible lesbian. And this encounter was so traumatic and icky that Robin thinks that if the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell is allowed to stand, then our country's military will be defeated by gay cooties. So you can see why gay conservatives might wonder why Robin was elected Queen of the Hag Fags.

Now, this article was only one of over l00 articles I have posted. But, apparently, this article was so personally threatening to some conservatives that they have blogged and commented and generally been sore losers.

So, the mean emails came from sore losers! Yeah, that Clarice from American Thinker, the contest's runner-up, can be such a bitche! You know, I'm not surprised that all the the losing contestants are mean girls who have blogged, and commented, and had bad thoughts about Robin, and tried to run her down in the streets of Berkeley, and snickered at her when she asked for a bag in the holistic 7-11, and generally been bad sports.

I always find it amusing when people write me nastygrams. What part of licensed psychotherapist do they not understand?

Um, in your case, Robin, the "therapist" part?

I have x-ray vision for pathology, and can diagnose with the best of them.

Of COURSE you do, Dr. Robin. Likewise for us at World o'Crap. So, using my Kenner Easy Bake X-Ray Machine, I see lots of pathology in Robin's head, and diagnose her with "Lost Marbles Syndrome." Now it's your turn!


Anonymous said...

Isn't Robin a certified analrapist?

Li'l Innocent said...

X-ray vision for pathology, eh?
Too bad she's also a vampire. Otherwise the merest passing glance in a mirror would be a spectacular kaleidoscopic experience that might well improve her mood.

Rugosa said...

I have utmost respect for good Licensed Clinical Social Workers - mine has done me a world of good - but there's a boatload of bad ones for each of them. Bragging about an LCSW degree is sort of like someone with an IQ of 115 bragging about being above average.

Larkspur said...

We haven't determined yet that she is claiming to be a LCSW, have we? She just keeps repeating "licensed psychotherapist", now with X-ray vision.

Jay B. said...

I always find it amusing when people write me nastygrams. What part of licensed psychotherapist do they not understand?

What part does she think they misconstrued?

Chris Vosburg said...

What part of licensed psychotherapist do they not understand?


Chris Vosburg said...

Robin's kind of in the dark about the 'net outside her mailbox, so I thought I'd throw a lulu into her comments. It may not last through the night, but, well, it was fun to write, and may give her goosebumps.

Chris Vosburg said...

Rats-- the link I intended but cannot provide, is to "Article for Wednesday", in which Robin waxes languid in the warm glow of it all.

Chris Vosburg said...

Less than an hour later, gone.

The comment said this:

"The California Board of Behavioral Sciences would like to speak with you at your earliest convenience. It is illegal in the state of California to identify yourself as a psychotherapist without also providing a license number."

Comment Disappeared.

Chris Vosburg said...

This is great. I think I've actually got her on the run. I'd appreciate any suggestions.

Anonymous said...

"Diagnose with the best of them"?

Hmmm...she seems to have overlooked one of the most pathological cases...herself.

Chris Vosburg said...

Robin responds to my email requesting her license number:

"I know exactly who you are and why you do the things that you do."

Followed by several paragraphs of passive-agressive god-bothering, nutrition advice, and general robinity.

Special bonus robin insights: "I can see it is your real name because you are writing from a business address."

Wow, how clairvoyant. Except for two obvious facts: my full name is there because I chose to put it there and it's not a "business address"-- it's a standard Roadrunner domestic account.

God what a fruitbasket.

Larkspur said...

Oh no Chris, she's doing that X-ray diagnostic trick, and she's not even looking at you. Maybe you should wear a lead-lined suit or something until she's done with you.

Chris Vosburg said...

add Robin of Bedlam:

Robin has hastily added a "disclaimer" to her blog, similar to that employed by carnival mentalists, fortune tellers, and astrologers: "for entertainment purposes only" (American Thinker, of course, had the sense to do this long ago).

Google faithfully records the fact that she only just added this to the "about Robin" section, and hilariously, also records the fact that Robin "reminds" her readers that it was there all along, in a post called "About my Writing", which she posted on the 4th, and then actually fraudulently backdated to make it appear that she had posted it on the 1st.

She then blithely emails me with an all-to-often-heard false complaint:

"People can choose to read my articles, or not. There is still the First Amendment in this country, though Leftists are trying hard to clamp down on Free Speech."

To which I was compelled to respond:

"The Board expects that licensees carry a degree of professionalism outside of the office as well, for obvious reasons. The fact that you either are unaware of this or simply aren't professional enough to care is the simplest possible declaration of your lack of qualification to practice psychotherapy.

"You are free to write any crazy-ass thing you want, obviously. But again, this does not reflect well on the profession you insist on dragging into the gutter with you each time you wave 'I'm a licensed psychotherapist!' at your readers in the midst of one of your frequent phony diagnoses.

"In doing so you harm the reputation of every licensed psychotherapist in the state. Again, I think the Board will agree."

preznit said...

wonder if she thinks "crazy-ass" is a technical term

Rugosa said...

Larkspur way up there - I don't remember where I got the LCSW and I'm not going back to her website to look for it. I will take a Republican stand here in that, although I may be wrong on the facts, I am still right. She's neither a psychologist (Ph.D.) nor a psychiatrist (M.D.), so if she is licensed to therapise, it is at a much lower level of training and intellectual capacity.

PS: "I have x-ray vision for pathology, and can diagnose with the best of them." Just shouts Dunning-Kruger effect, doesn't it?