Thursday, October 17, 2013

Neither Dick Nordik

Hey, guys.  As Mary mentioned, I'm working on a super secret project which -- as usual for this kind of thing -- requires an insanely broad scope of work compressed into a ridiculously brief window of time, but I hope to have something more bloggish up later tonight.

In other news, it's Thursday, and you know what that means...Time for Chapter Three of The Monster And The Ape ("Flames of Fate") at She Blogged By Night (click here for Chapter 1 and Chapter 2).  Watch as our hero becomes a kiln-fired ashtray from a 5th Grade Arts & Crafts project, and place your bets on how long it takes before all the Wildroot Cream-Oil Hair Tonic in his slicked-back coiffure explodes like the oil field fire in There Will Be Blood!
"All right, youse pinstriped nancy boys, back off an' give her some air.  As a longtime employee of a mad doctor, I'm the only one qualified here to give this unfortunate cold-cocked dame the Kiss of Life!"


Doc Logan said...

Most gorillas talk like Leo Gorcey. Not many people know that.

Scott said...

Koko's sign language consisted primarily of rude gestures and eye-pokes.

Stacia said...

Ah, I've always loved that promo: Ken looking confused and Ralph trying to politely reason with a dude in a gorilla suit.