Friday, November 7, 2014

Medical Center...In Color!

I just got home from the hospital and wanted to post a quick update on Mary's condition: she appears to have come through the surgery very well, with none of the nasty surprises or possible complications we were dreading. I saw her in Recovery and later when they brought her to her room, and while she wasn't spoiling for a lively exchange of views, she did seem to be in good spirits. Except when I made her laugh, which is apparently contraindicated, but hey...I gotta be me.

Moondoggie, predictably, is a basket case.  I found him in the same place we'd left him this morning, lying in a funk by the front door, as though he'd developed Sudden Onset Lassie Come Home Syndrome.

Thanks to everyone for the good wishes; I know they were a big boost to Mary's peace of mind. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get something to eat (thanks to my friend Laura for bringing over hotdish), take something for my back (which, after nine hours in a waiting room chair has been reduced to bone spurs that jingle jangle jingle), then spend the rest of the evening scritching the cat.
Time for some candy...


Nadine said...

So damn happy that Mary got through the surgery well and no horrible things were found when the doc went exploring. Poor Moondoggie-- please give him extra skritches from his friend, Minx. As for your back, hooray for pharmaceuticals-- that's what I say, every day! Sending lots of love and healing mojo for all...

~The Minx~

M. Bouffant said...

Yay!! Y'all've had more than enough agony this yr.

New yr. approaching; it can't be worse & it might just be better.

Skritches for all!

Anonymous said...

ANNTI sez...

Dear darlin' heart, please rest and be well and tell Mary how much that I love her and that James Dammit, spoiled brat that he is, even reaches out his kindest/sweetest little paws to console Moondoggie. When I'm dead-dog sick, he amazes me every time, by staying stuck to me when I can't get outta the bed, or snoring atop my skull on this recliner, making sure to keep tabs on me until I can get up and DO SOMETHING.

If hospitals were REALLY smart, they'd figure out a way for us to take our feline overlords or canine cheerleaders or Sexy Lizards to the O.R. with us, to be with us and make us feel safe & loved, all the way into & outta sedation, suturing, extubation, ALL OF THE FUN SHIT. There is a kind of real magic in the love of critters, that I think that we all feel.
The love of a couple hundred people is obviously oozing off of the very page as I type this, because you & Mary ARE so damned severely-loved by so many good hoomins. I just cannot imagine how Mary is staying her usual stalwart, gentle self through all of this shit, especially the Jell-O starvation diet --- without her girl there with her, with you being kicked-out & sent home, with poor Moonie missing her and wondering why in the fuck his mama isn't home right now. But then, like Sheri, Mary is one of my lifetime heroines, one of the most-remarkable broads that I've ever known, and the ONLY reason that I ever "joined" fucking FACEBOOK! If *that* ain't love, I dunno what is.

Please hug her as much as the sutures will let you, Scott, hug her & love her & kiss her for me & for all of the Crappers, for Moondoggie, and I know that, somehow, her girl Riley is there with her, that wherever Riley's chemical-electricity residue resides in this multiverse, that it is still connected to you & Mary, and that Riley is aware of how much her parents/obedient wards are missing her. I know that she's hovering somewhere near Mary now, in some molecular configuration, and giving Mary all of her furry, snotty, swatty love.


Anonymous said...

ANNTI cont'd...

I prolly already said it, but even James, who, despite his usually-snotty/bratty personality, turns out to be my best-ever nurse (well, since Biddy & Boy, but that's very-sheddy apples V. oranges) whenever I feel like shit, so I know that he sends Moonie, Mary & you all of his sweetest pets, purrs, mrrowws & snuggles of warmth & well-being. We both are here, whatever y'all need, even if it's just to bitch, to have an accessible ear, to fight the fears & monetary worries that seem insurmountable, no matter how well the surgery went --- it won't be "over" until Mary's safely at home again, I know. Care packages, dirty greeting cards, any kind of medical devices or appendages to help the healing, whatever in the fuck that y'all want or need, PLEASE let us help. If I manage to pay-off most of the bills this month, whatever's left is y'all's, soon as I can. I'll shake all the trees and send everybody that I can over here, with their pocketbooks open for y'all AND for Sheri's babies. Whatever anybody can swing, I know that they won't hesitate to help such amazing human beings and the beautiful & brilliant critters that they are privileged to love.

I hope that Mary's had the best medical staff in California, that somebody will send a physical therapist home with Mary for BOTH OF Y'ALL to be able to finally exhale and UNCLENCH, for Scott's back and Mary's everything, and that Moondoggie is okay, or as okay as he can be with his mama not home yet. Bless that boy, he's so amazing, he loves so much, he shares so much ginger sunshine, even without his commander & co-conspirator-in-charge --- Moondoggie has always reminded me of Boy, because they're both too mellow to believe, especially from CATS, and they have SO much love & comfort to share, and we are all so damned lucky to have known them, Riley & Biddy.

I'll shut the hell up so that everybody else has plenty of room to share their love, encouragement & best wishes. Hope to make it to Pay For Pals very very soon -- and I mean it --- WHAT. EVER. y'all need or want, PLEASE holler at me. Please let me help, some way, somehow, even if the money ain't much, let me do SOMETHING to truly help y'all through this. I wish that I had a gift certificate for every helpful/healing herb & biochemical compound available in CA to go straight to Mary & you, Scott, so long as her post-op meds aren't contra-indicated. Getting a relieving buzz on post-op is loverly, but not if it does more harm than good, n'est-ce pas?

Sending y'all all of our love,
Annti/Joanna & James Dammit

acrannymint said...

Seconding M. Bouffant

Weird Dave said...

Very glad to hear things are going well.

Here's hoping the pain meds are working (for both of you).

grouchomarxist said...

Well, that was encouraging to read. Best wishes to you all, including the traumatized kitteh. I know what you mean about hospital waiting room chairs: you'd think Zombie Marquis de Sade had been specially resurrected to design the things.

s.z. said...

Glad to hear that things are going well for Mary. Both of you get some rest, and prepare for the next chapter - Medical Center: The Insurance Claims!!!

And when you are ready to get a friend for Moondoggie. I'll post some photos of my "dumped out of a car on the road" kittens.

Scott said...

Sheri, "dumped out of a car on the road" sounds perfect for us, since that's the story my parents always told me whenever I asked, "Where did I come from?"

Doc Logan said...

Good to hear that Mary's on the mend, and here's hoping she's back home soon. Give Moondoggie a couple extra skritches for me.

s.z.'s comment reminds me of my departed dog, Damien. He was a shelter rescue, who was thrown from a moving car. Perhaps it's a good thing I can still be disgusted by human behavior, I never want to reach the stage when I can accept something like that.

Dr.BDH said...

"...prepare for the next chapter - Medical Center: The Insurance Claims!!!"

Reminds me of an all-time great Onion headline:
"Man Succumbs After Year-long Battle with Health Insurance."

But Mary's a teacher, right? And here in Wisconsin we've been informed that teachers get too goddamn much health insurance coverage and pay too goddamn little for it, so f*ck the unions!

Like everyone else, I'm thrilled the surgery went well. Now, as Chief medical Officer, I advise her to get out of the hospital as soon as possible. Those places are filled with germs and errors.

Kathy said...

I'm glad things are looking level, if not up, for you both! Its hard to find words that don't sound trite, but you know I wish you well. And Moony can receive as will as give comfort... that's good.

Li'l Innocent said...

Oh, wow, that was a heartening post indeed! And Scott, Annti's right that if you guys would be helped by a bit of Crapper crowd-sourcing, please, please do NOT hesitate to say so.

I had to chuckle at your saying Mary wasn't ready for a "lively exchange of views"!
Scott: Honey, have you heard that Hungary wants to charge a tax on internet bandwidth? Can you believe that?
Mary: Really? That's weird.
S: Isn't it though. What kind of campaign slogan could you have for that? 'Use lots of megs! Who needs to eat eggs?'
M: [chuckle] Snappy!
S: They could create a cute cartoon character: "Istvan the IRS Agent sez: Upload those graphics and make 'em hi-rez!"
M: {giggle] Who could resist..
S: Or how about "Bandwidth or transfer rate, who cares whatcha call it? Hit the "send" link and reach for your wallet!"
M: Scott! OW!

I trust by the time you read this, thoughtless husband, you will be full of good weed extract, or whatever you take, and completely immobilized by a giant orange striped doughnut. It's no more than you deserve.

Keep us well posted, willya? Virtual steak, sauteed Crimini mushrooms and crispy pommes frites to Mary.

Dark Avenger said...

Glad to hear that Mary is doing okay, and that s.z. Is still around and about the comments of the posts.

I remember Chad Everett, with the long sideburns and a helmet of hair was was the style in those days. I think he died a few years ago, didn't he?

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Good to hear it, Scott.

catnmus said...

Good job, Mary!

Anonymous said...

ANNTI sez...

Dark Avenger/Darkwing Duck: I think that he did croak, but at least Randy Mantooth & Kevin Tighe from "EMERGENCY!" are still alive & kicking "character actor" roles' asses!

And damn if "Chad"s hair-helmet doesn't just SCREAM an ad for the hairspray that my grandfather the Baptist preacher used on Sundays (and FUCK NO, he ***NEVER*** used a blow-dryer or had ANYTHING resembling SWAGGART HAIR!!!) --- CONSORT. FOR MEN.