Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thanks to Everyone Who Contributed to 4Paws for Riley

While we all send our thoughts, prayers, and good wishes Mary's way, I wanted to do a quick thank you note.  The treasurer of Four Paws apparently has been dealing with personal problems and didn't get this to me until today, but I now have the list of folks from Wo'C who donated in memory of Riley.  So, let me try to thank you all here today.  (I don't want to violate anyone's privacy too much, but if you want me to just thank you in my heart, let me know and I will remove your info from this post.)

Anyway, the cats of Four Paws wish to honor the following heroes:

Robert M

Henry P

Mary Ellen S

Weird Dave

Christine W

Nancy M

D Sidhe

If  I have overlooked anyone, I am very sorry - the info is going through a couple of people before it gets to me, so things could be overlooked.  But every contribution is very appreciated, and helps so much.  The cats now all have shelter and food, and things are looking up!

I think Riley would feel very honored at how much she was loved, and how that love helped other cats.  And to Moondoggie and Mary, I dedicate this photo of one of the Four Paws cats whom you are helping to support, and a photo of Wookie Life Day, which is reportedly one of Mary's favorite holidays.


Scott said...

I'd just like to add my thanks to Sheri's, and tell you all how deeply touched both Mary and I are by the kind donations made in Riley's name. She was a scrappy little street urchin herself --with a pretty short life expectancy before Mary found her camped out under her car -- and I can't think of a better tribute to Riley than saving another stray's life.

preznit said...

I kicked in some a couple days ago, so probably not on the radar yet

acrannymint said...

Seeing as Riley was a ringer for my much missed Sam,how could I not donate

acrannymint said...

A new kitty appeared in my life almost a year ago - hopefully one will into Scott and Mary's - my lameass blog so don't bother reading much more than looking at the pics of Huckleberry

acrannymint said...

Oh yeah, I'm Nancy M so my nom de plume may not be hard to figure out.

grouchomarxist said...

Glad to be able to do my pitiful little something to honor the inimitable Riley's memory. I wish it could have been more.

Huckleberry -- what a great name, acrannymint -- kind of reminds me of one of our current boarders, except ours is a bit heftier. (She's the stray who quickly realized that if she filched everybody else's food, that would mean more for her.)

Scott said...

I love that upside-down, over-the-shoulder shot of Huckleberry at the top. Cat blogging! Why not be literal about it?

Carl said...

To quote Samuel Johnson, A very fine cat indeed.

gappy said...

I had waited too long when first I heard Riley needed some assistance and then she was gone. In her memory, I found a feral cat colony in my tiny village and TNR'ed eight felines. Good thing I did as six of the eight were female, plus two of the friendlier ones found homes. Long live and rule our feline overlords!

acrannymint said...

I wish I could claim credit for the name. He belonged to a friend who had to give him up. Two months later he was found abandoned, luckily he was chipped. Since the friend was on vacation out of state, I volunteered to go get him. The reasons she gave him up still existed so I just kept him. He is a sweetheart and very much a talker.

Anonymous said...

Sheri, my top-secret astronaut supermodel heroine, gawddess of all things quadruped & furry/feathery/scaly/slithery/whatever works --- I wish that I had made it sooner, as usual. Won't bore you titless with pathetic excuses, because you've never let ANYTHING keep you from your amazing life of good deeds & brilliant snark --- and if I could've turned-out even REMOTELY like you, I could say that I'd really done something with my life.

In the mean-time, while we await the healthy/happy return of Mary to her home & our metaphorical arms, I will be sending you & your wunnerful friends something very shortly. Got a couple more bills to manipulate for this month, and whatever's left is going to you & Mary & Scott. I know that promises don't buy cat food, but I'm not going to forget or let anything stop me from helping, as piss-poor an amount as it may be.

While I'm juggling that shit & the recycling bin, please know that all my best hopes & wishes go with you & yours, you amazing hoomin you.

Annti & James Dammit

s.z. said...

Way to go, Gappy! (Does anyone say that any more?) Caring for ferals was one of the greatest things you could have done in Riley's honor!

Ac, Huckleberry is a perfect cat name and a wonderful cat!

Anti, great to hear from you and James Dammit- you are a couple of my favorite beings!

Thanks, Prez, for donating to the cause. It will be put to good use. Miss you at the hashtag games!

And hi and thanks to everyone else. What a great group of weirdos~ ;-)