Friday, May 27, 2016

S.Z. Presents: Cashin' In On Cats!

[Stolen from Sheri's Facebook page]

My new kid's book:

If you give a cat a bite from your sandwich, maybe a bit of ham, he will want another piece, and then another. And then the ham will be all gone, and he will want more, so you give him some cheese. And when the cheese is all gone, you will give him a piece of lettuce, and he will look disgusted, and leave it on the carpet, where you will step on it. The end.

Except that it's not. This will happen EVERY TIME you eat a sandwich. And soon the dog will want to get in on the act, and you will have to deal with doggie eyes every time you eat. Eventually, all you will get to eat will be soggy lettuce and maybe some bread that the dog didn't want. So, you have the idea of giving the mouse a cookie so that the cat will eat him instead of your sandwich. But the mouse will just join forces with the dog and the cat, and you will die of starvation.



heydave said...

Ripped from the headlines. Of my life.

heydave said...
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