Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Artificially Sweetened Blood of Jesus

We've got another episode of The Slumgullion for you, and this one On the bright side, we have a great guest -- BAFTA-winning video game writer Graham Reznick, who's a delight -- but I will freely admit that the Unknown Movie hit us both like the tamping iron that pierced Phineas Gage's frontal lobe.

You thought we were a little pissy about Cronenberg's Rabid? Just wait'll you hear us on the subject of Spike Lee's Da Sweet Blood of Jesus.

Click the title below and taste copper.

Jeff Holland and Scott Clevenger THOUGHT their Divinely inspired technical difficulties were over. They were wrong. First, five minutes of their chat with video game Until Dawn writer Graham Reznick goes the way of the dodo and mood rings. Then after a history lesson from Lin Manuel Miranda, they try to talk about Spike Lee’s Da Sweet Blood of Jesus and it does not go well for anyone. 
WARNING: While the Graham Reznick chat is a lot of fun and informative, the second half of this episode is filled with a lot of strong language and a lot of hate…a LOT of hate…and possible Divine retribution. We really don’t know.

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