Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Love in the Time of Slime

The new Slumgullion has dropped (so watch where you step) and this week the Unknown Movie Challenge features a film currently in theaters, so we've assembled a whole panel of smart, funny people who run the gamut from young to old, dewy to dour, penile to vaginal.

First up is a chat about what's going on in the world of low-to-middlebrow entertainment -- what Jeff likes to call our "Pop Culture Pilates Class" -- then we read some listener mail (including a love letter from World O' Crap scribe Hank Parmer to movie heartthrob John Saxon), and finally, a spoiler-filled discussion of Ghostbusters, both old and new, which leads to a startling realization. So step right up and get your childhood ruined for free!

Click here to listen: The Slumgullion Episode 12 “We Liked it! Hey, Mikey!

You can also download our show from iTunes (it can be found under the name "Very Amateurish Productions", because boy are we ever.)

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