Sunday, July 17, 2016

Random Scenes of Hollywood

You know what? I'm gonna go ahead and just guess this place is a strip club.

THERAPIST: When did you first begin experiencing these feelings of inadequacy?

Bah, kids today! Too busy with their Internet porn and their Pokemon Go to risk death by illegally climbing their neighborhood air raid siren, with its conveniently placed, if rusty and dangerous, handholds. In my day, this thing would have been warning of us approaching Commies and reducing the surplus population at John Greenleaf Whittier Elementary!

Southern California is always beautiful, but never more so than when our inexcusably phallic vegetation is in full bloom.

All right, let's get away from all the penile imagery, and look at a window in a doorway, which is like two vaginal symbols for the price of one! A much better value than your national Georgia O'Keefe brand. "Tourists, determined to experience all that Hollywood has to offer -- primarily disappointment and heat stroke -- file inside to take a tour of the historic Chinese Theater."

This is an installation I call "Eagle and Penumbra: The Eclipse of the American Experiment" or "Sunset on Department of Water and Power Pumping Station No. 12."


M. Bouffant said...

Oh, that's sad. Is "Peanuts" (formerly at 7969) now just a strip club? Why I remember back in ...

I also remember the '70s when they'd test the sirens once a month. Scared the hell outta me the first time I heard the test. Which one is that?

Scott said...

Wow -- that's an amazing list. I wonder how many of those old civil defense sirens are still standing, let alone functional.

I don't remember exactly where this one was was located (I've got to start geo-tagging this photos) but I seem to recall it being somewhere in the Spaulding Square area.