Friday, July 20, 2012

Update! Project Veritas "Shocking Video" Is Dirty!

No, really. It's all about dirt.  So suddenly these lines promoting their "online event" make sense, if you're in an Italian James Bond rip-off movie from 1967.  Because it's not ballyhoo, you see -- it's innuendo:
The politicians and media talking heads will go CRAZY when they see what we’ve DUG UP.
But let them wait. The Daily Caller has made it possible for YOU to get the dirt first.
As it turns out, the shocking video is about some really bad actors trying to persuade two "Union Bosses" to tell them how to obtain government gravy for their new "Green" company.
Representatives of "Earth Supply and Renewal," a fake company at which "we dig the ditch, we take the dirt, and we put the dirt, we actually just take the dirt and we put it right back in the ground," met with two New York union leaders, John Hutchings and Anthony Tocci, and Tocci's brother .
And of course, the union guys thought it was a great idea, according to the heavily edited Project Veritas video. Let's go to for the fun (h/t to Chris Vosburg):
In the raw footage, the union leaders repeatedly ask the "ESR employees" about the purpose of their projects. When they can't give any, Hutchings and the Tocci brothers gently propose they take on more useful work. Hutchings asks if they "dig prior to construction projects" for "historical artifacts." Ron Tocci asks if they analyze or remediate soil, then later says,  "I'm just trying to get a hook on how you sell your product." When one actor says, "There are people who have seen merit in what we're doing, especially from the green, more green circles," an incredulous Tocci replies, "Well, why would they see that as -- besides the jobs that you would create, what are you doing for the environment?"
So anyway, I lost a wager, because while I thought the "dirt" referenced in the email come-on would almost certainly turn out to be both a disappointment and a stupid pun, I bet Scott that James was talking about dirty diapers.  Because after his failed attempt to listen in on the phone calls of a female Senator, like the heavy-breathing perv in a babysitter-in-jeopardy flick, or his failed effort to entice a female journalist onto a borrowed yacht so he could menace her with his dildo collection, I figured James' credibility was at risk, and his only hope of salvaging it was a successful attempt to walk into Nancy Pelosi's Congressional District office in San Francisco and soil himself.  And he would have got away with it, too, if his mother hadn't put an extra Kraft American Single on the sandwich she packed for him, because as you know, it can be kind of binding.

Anyway, don't worry about me, because it's one of those bets where it doesn't matter who loses, because both parties win, if you know what I mean.  Wink!  Wink!  (Hey, James is right!  This innuendo stuff is a breeze!)  Anyway, here's the unedited video, courtesy of MediaMatters.Org:

And we didn't even have to RSVP to see it.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I figured James' credibility was at risk


Kathy said...

He's too stupid to understand that his ACORN expose was crap and wouldn't have "brought down" ACORN if it hadn't been for fox news pushing it relentlessly.

He seems to really believe he is an intrepid muckraking journalist.