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Herman Cain Fell Into Margaret Sanger's Honey Trap!

Mark Crutcher, according to his bio at, "may be best known for his bold undercover operations that have exposed shocking and even illegal activities inside the abortion industry."  You probably recall this story from the last time we featured his work, but in brief, Mark infiltrated a Planned Parenthood clinic by disguising himself as 513th Trimester fetus, then acted obnoxious in an effort to get someone to abort him.  When he eventually found himself in the dumpster out back, he knew he had 'em nailed to the wall, which is why today Planned Parenthood is as extinct as ACORN.

Baby Snooks' bio continues:  "The success of Mark's covert surveillance efforts led one New York newspaper to label Life Dynamics 'the CIA of the pro-life movement.'"  Not wishing to jeopardize national security, the newspaper in question prefers to remain nameless, but I'm sure it's one of the more prestigious broadsheets, like Oswego County Today, or Chocolate Singles.
Herman Cain, meet Samuel Yette
In January of this year, an African-American man living out the remainder of his life in a Maryland nursing home finally succumbed to Alzheimer's disease. Unfortunately, because he was not a sports hero or a member of America's brain-dead entertainment industry, the nation barely noted either his life or his passing.
And this relative obscurity should make it even easier for Mark to exploit the dead -- it's like he's discovered a vast, untapped oil field beneath an ancient Indian burial ground.
His name was Samuel Frederick Yette. Born into the segregated South in 1929, Mr. Yette earned a bachelor's degree from Tennessee State University and a master's from Indiana University. Then, following his U.S. Air Force service in the Korean War, he became an award-winning journalist who worked for several newspapers and magazines. In 1964, he was appointed executive secretary of the Peace Corp after which he became special assistant for civil rights to the director of the U.S. Office of Economic Opportunity. He later became a civil-rights commentator for both BET and PBS, and he finished his working life as a lecturer and a professor at Howard University.

Among Yette's many other achievements, in 1968, he had become the first African-American reporter hired by Newsweek magazine where he soon rose to the position of Washington bureau correspondent.
So far this has been an unusual column for Mark, one which veers far from his comfort zone by careening dangerously close, if not actually sideswiping, genuine facts (most of which appear to have been gathered from the many obituaries which noted Mr. Yette's barely noted passing, including this one from the Washington Post.)  But now we've reached the part where Mark has erected his oil derrick, and is ready to sink his drill-bit down through the corpse, hoping to strike rhetoric.
But three years later, he wrote a book that exposed high-level plans within the United States to use birth control and abortion as instruments of black genocide.
 Well, according to that same WaPo story:
The book asserted that the federal government showed a pattern of repression against African Americans that, left unaddressed, could lead to genocide.

"Blacks are given a choice in this country," Mr. Yette wrote. "To accept their miserable lot or die.'"

He cited his experiences with the Johnson administration and the Office of Economic Opportunity and claimed that even government programs aimed at helping the most vulnerable citizens were vehicles to repress them further.
"The raised hand of Uncle Sam," Mr. Yette wrote in his book, was "swatting poor Negroes while rewarding rich whites with the spoils of black misery. As this truth became known, hope turned to hatred, dedication became disgust, hands raised for help became clenched fists, and eyes searching for acceptance turned inward."
I read about a dozen different obits of Mr. Yette, and none of them mentioned his crusade against contraception, or quoted the passage from his book which described birth control as a Black Birkenau.  But as we know from an-cho-vies such as Mark, or Judie (The Distaff Pontiff) Brown,  an empty uterus is murder, the moral equivalent of an Auschwitz crematorium, which is why we say of a pregnant woman that she's got "a bun in the oven."

Also, the book (which Mark doesn't bother to name, but is titled "The Choice: The Issue of Black Survival in America") was published two years before Roe v. Wade, so it doesn't seem likely -- even from the perspective of Occam's Disposable Razor -- that much of it concerned a plot by Nixon to ram  safe and legal abortion through the Supreme Court as a means of gradually eliminating the audience for Richard Roundtree films.

Mark again:
It is important to understand that, by this point in history, population control – especially black population control – had become a virtual religion for America's power structure.  [...]

That knowledge was the driving force behind the assault on Samuel Yette. The Cartel – of which Richard Nixon was a card-carrying member – was sending a message to civil-rights activists, politicians, journalists, writers, college professors or anyone else who might have influence within the black community. They were being warned that, when it came to population control, they only had two options: They could either get on the plantation or they could keep their mouths shut.

Now comes Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain. 
He can either put a sou'wester on his bollard, or H.R. Haldeman will destroy him.
In the last few weeks, Cain began pointing out that the Cartel is still alive and well in the form of organizations like Planned Parenthood. He also reminded the public that this particular organization was founded as an instrument of eugenics while being politically and financially backed by ultra-wealthy racists and eugenicists. He then correctly pointed out that Planned Parenthood, as well as other eugenics organizations, have disproportionately placed their facilities in minority communities with results that have been both disastrous and predictable.
Well, he did say some crazy shit on Face the Nation, none of which was "correct."  As Steven Gray said at Swampland:

1.    Sixty-three percent of abortion clinics are in neighborhoods where more than half the residents are white; about 9% of abortion clinics are in predominately black neighborhoods

2.   White women account for 36% of abortions, compared to 30% of black women and 25% of Latinas.
Back to Mark:
Finally, he called for Planned Parenthood to be stripped of its one-million-dollars-a-day in taxpayer funding. 
 (You heard correctly ... $1,000,000 a day.)
Mark Crutcher and Dr. Evil:  Separated at Abortion?
The fascinating thing is that, within hours, anonymous people start dropping out of the trees to claim that Herman Cain sexually harassed them. As we have seen in the past, this is a very convenient charge because it is one that is virtually impossible to refute. The reality is that, in the minds of many, the accusation itself is evidence of guilt. Once the charge is made, the target has to prove a negative and, for all practical purposes, that cannot be done.
True, proving a negative is extremely difficult, which is why Mark prefers to falsify a positive, by whipping up his own facts, made from scratch out of common items you'd find around the house.  He's like the Martha Stewart of pathological liars, except if he was sentenced to a stretch in a women's prison, he'd be everybody's bitch.

On the bright side, a non-anonymous person dropped in today with a fresh, ripe accusation against Cain, finally giving his supporters a visible target.  (Michelle Malkin is already struggling into her catsuit, and by nightfall she'll be clinging to a branch outside the woman's bedroom window, trying to spot a thong in her laundry hamper.)
This is especially problematic for Republicans since the standard for using it against them is different than it is for Democrats. For whatever reason, it appears that our society has reached a point where it simply accepts that Democratic politicians will have significantly lower moral standards than Republican politicians.
Which is why today Anthony Weiner is the freshman Senator from New York, and David Vitter works the deep fryer at the Kenny Rogers Roasters on Gause Boulevard West in Slidell, Louisiana.
The perfect example of this, of course, is Bill Clinton. I mean, here is a man that even the most ardent Democrats would not leave alone in a room with their 15-year-old daughter, but would happily elect president of the United States.
I never heard anyone -- even at the height of the Arkansas Project -- claim Clinton suffered from ephebophilia.  Still, I don't want to accuse Mark of flinging libelous statements in a wild orgy of unreasoning hatred, because no matter how much he disapproves of Bill Clinton as a person and a politician, if the former President impregnated the girl, Mark would force her to carry the baby to term.
Back to the Cain situation, let me make it clear that I have no personal knowledge of whether the claims against him are legitimate or not. On one hand, there are men who sexually harass women, and on the other hand, there are women who fabricate such charges out of thin air.
Sometimes the accused winds up with a lifetime appointment to the United States Supreme Court, sometimes he merely ends up with a huge influx of donations to his Presidential campaign.  So ultimately, justice is done.
So while I have no way of drawing conclusions regarding the merit of these accusations, it is their timing that is suspicious. From the beginning, it seemed too coincidental to actually be coincidental that Cain's attack on the Population-Control / Family-Planning Cartel was immediately followed by sexual harassment charges against Cain. 
But then, with slapstick comedy it is all in the timing.
I may be baying at the moon here, but the whole episode gives off a very Nixonian odor. Perhaps Herman Cain is being warned to either take one of the Cartel's options or suffer the fate of Samuel Yette.
A long, satisfying career as a professor at Howard University?  That seems more like a punishment for the students, doesn't it?
Whether that is the case or not, the reality is that if Herman Cain were "pro-choice" on abortion and the leading candidate in the Republican race for the White House...
 ...we'd have to conclude that we'd fallen through a wormhole and were actually living on Gor, the Counter-Earth.
 ...there would be no sexual harassment accusations hanging over his head and it wouldn't matter how true or untrue they may be.

If you doubt that, again I refer to Bill Clinton.
Who had no accusations of sexual harassment, rape, drug smuggling, real estate fraud, and serial murder lodged against him, but was ultimately impeached for stealing office supplies from the White House supply closet.
When far more serious and far more numerous accusations were made against him, including some that would have been felonies if prosecuted, the leaders of America's eugenics and population-control groups tied themselves in knots trying to defend him ... Former Time magazine reporter Nina Burleigh wrote an article heaping praise on Clinton in which she volunteered that, "I'd be happy to give him a b--- j-- [street term for oral sex] just to thank him for keeping abortion legal." 
Mark put on his pimp hat and calf-length cheetah fur coat and went undercover on the mean streets to decode the very latest in filthy euphemisms popular amongst our urban youth and guttersnipe news weeklies.
The message in all this was unmistakable and unambiguous. The population-control lobby has come to just accept that, by definition, pro-choice men are going to be of lower moral character than other men and should not be held to the same standards. And sure 'nuff, they never are. 
If you had any real respect for women, Mr. Feminist, you wouldn't drive her to Planned Parenthood, you'd chain her to the bed until her water broke.
I want to offer one last observation for Mr. Cain and all those others who might one day find themselves being ground under the Cartel's hobnailed boot. Samuel Yette left this world as a decent and courageous man, and that is a feeling sellouts like Jesse Jackson will never experience. In the final analysis, Shakespeare defined the lives of these two men centuries before either of them was born: "Cowards die a thousand deaths. The valiant taste of death but once." 
And moral vultures who feast on the corpses of men they never knew, and whose opinions they misrepresent for partisan gain, get to taste of death at three square meals a day.


culuriel said...

Brilliant. Just fucking brilliant.

Brian Schlosser said...

Thank God black people finally have someone in their corner who truly cares for their interests and is willing to tirelessly promote their agenda: Mark Crutcher!

Also, did Nixon get retro-actively converted to a Democrat, kinda like those posthumous Mormon conversion deals?

Carl said...

Hang on....this shitstain quotes a pre-Roe book, which speaks to the miscegenation laws of the South and how some localities actively sought to sterilize black men and women, and extrapolates that to a national case against abortion raised by a man conveniently too dead to correct him?

Way to stay classy there, Fat Bastard!

Cole said...

Unless "Uncle Sam" is no longer a wild-eyed, stringy white guy from New Hampshire, I'm guessing Yette's book was speaking to the institutionalized racism that exists from Anchorage to Bangor--not just the South.

And yeah, as long as we are getting all tribal--isn't Nixon one of "theirs?"

(apropos to the Nixon reference -- my word verification is "scrota"