Thursday, November 10, 2011

This is All I Have to Say About That

Dear Penn State rioters:

If you can put "child rape" and "winning college football games" on the Scales of Justice, and football wins, then you're exactly the kind of person who ought to spend your professional life weighing a witch and a duck.
 "It's a fair cop."
So consider changing your major now.  There are many exciting opportunities for sociopaths in the burgeoning field of Wiccan/Mallard Metrics!

And don't feel bad for Joe Paterno.  After 15 years of Looking the Other Way, he's got the neck flexibility of Linda Blair in The Exorcist, and that's got to come in handy when parallel parking.


Stacia said...

I said this before but it bears repeating: I feel sorry for the people in/near Penn St who are just now discovering how many think sports trumps any and all moral and ethical issues. I've lived in Manhattan, KS for so long I've seen it all before -- though not specifically pedophilia, although rape and sexual assault by players and well-funded fraternity members is very common. And I was a teacher in the local school district for a while, one of my students was the child of a very well known college football coach... and to be as ethically vague as possible, I'll just say I chose to leave the teaching profession because of what I was expected to do for that particular student.

Brian Schlosser said...

This whole thing is vile beyond comprehension. I'm going to ditto my comment from another blog:

"Paterno’s firing is a good start. Every person in Penn State’s administration who had any knowledge of this horror needs to be canned and prosecuted if possible, even if it takes a special prosecutor to root them all out. Penn State is a public land grant college. Readers in PA need to contact their state reps and insist that if the university doesn’t clean their house, the state needs to do it for them. This story is sickening beyond belief.

We should also consider pressuring the NCAA to get involved. If their fucking football team was so important that they had to cover up CHILDREN BEING RAPED to protect it, then they don’t deserve to have a team."

And as for the rioters? Gah... Disgusting.

Do you suppose the wingnuts that are shitting themselves over OWS are going to say anything to condemn these fucking ignorant football fucks?

I have nothing against football, really. But Jesus H. Christ on a crutch, it was bad enough when Steelers fan's supported Rothlisberger and too a much lesser extent Micheal Vick. Is there no level of depravity football fans won't excuse?

Brian Schlosser said...

Appy polly logies for my grammar. Rage and choking on bile bring out my worst writing lapses.

Doghouse Riley said...

The one bit of solace I find in the whole ugly business is that these fucks who don't get it now have a lifetime to let it sink in. The slower the better, so far as I care.

heydave said...

I will interrupt and suggest the mental vision of my dick up the speaker's ass the next time someone tries to convince me how special and pure college football is compared to the NFL.

Anonymous said...

I guess a career spent at DCS and public education has warped my priorities. If you cover up the rape of children, you aren't entitled to retire with dignity.

I keep hearing that Paterno did nothing illegal. Here in backward old Tennessee, if you know about child abuse, you are legally obligated to report it to DCS or the cops. So what's the law in PA?

Unknown said...

Since it is against the law in PA to NOT report child abuse/rape I hope everyone of these fuckwits are sweating it out that they might be charged for aiding and abetting that bag of crap Sandusky...and that includes Joe Paterno.

The NCAA is also a bunch of tools too as they make millions off the backs of poor kids who have talent but lack a decent homelife or money of their own. But the NCAA could give two shits about that aspect of their program..but that is off topic and for another bitchfest I guess.

Anntichrist S. Coulter said...

Well done, Scott, well done.

Far too sensible, kind, to-the-point and neat, but it's the thought that counts.

Right now, in my current state of mind, to even THINK about voicing what I think of and want to do to Paterno, his entire staff, the entire college administration, and ESPECIALLY to the rioting mouth-breathers --- but TWICE AS HARD, NO HUG, NO KISS, NO REACHAROUND for the brain-donor/parents-were-SIBLINGS illiterates who never ATTENDED Penn State except for their jobs CLEANING-OUT THE FRAT-HOUSE TOILETS.

That's one thing, aside from grokking the evil that truly IS marketing, that I will NEVER fucking understand. Idiots who either attended college elsewhere, attended community college/trade school, got their H.S. diploma and split, WHAT-THE-FUCK-EVER --- why in the FLYING RAT-FUCK do they give a fine frog's prostate gland WHAT happens to a bunch of overpaid has-been 'roid-pushing FUCKTARDS who make an OBSCENE amount of money yelling at borderline-felon "athletes," to whom the audience/violet fanatics ALSO have NO ties, however tenuous,in any form or fashion WHATSOFUCKINGEVER.

All forms of "sport" in this country, even backwoods punkin'-pullin' rodeos & dirt-road racetracks, are, catch up, kids, as fucking RIGGED FROM THE WORD "GO" as the fucking Cathlick Church, all Judeo-Xian-Muslim-pick-a-flavor cults, not to mention the atrocities known as "PBR/"Professional" Bull Riding and "professional" WRESTLING!!!!!!

Any intellectual dwarf who believes that rioting OVER A FOOTBALL COACH WHO CONDONED AND COVERED-UP DECADES OF CHILD RAPE is a "moral issue" that they simply MUST jump in on, to show them uppity molestation victims that THEIR lives are worth NOTHING compared to an almighty fucking Joe Paterno --- needs to stop sucking-up my water & oxygen, and for fuck's sake, GET A SHITLOAD OF RETROACTIVE ABORTIONS!!!!!!

It's like those 100X that annoying-as-fuck bumpersticker, "I am THANKFUL for the thousands of GOOD PRIESTS!"

Every fucking time that I see those stickers, not only do I want to run them down like a 'diller in the yellow line, I fucking KNONW that they are the exact same self-hypnotized penis-worshiping misogynist CUNTS who try to JUSTIFY handing THEIR spawn OVER TO THE CUSTODY, BRAINWASHING AND POTENTIAL RAPE OF SAID "GOOD PRIESTS."


(Continued, of course...)

Anntichrist S. Coulter said...


Somebody wants to throw a hissy-fit and lynch an "effigy" of whomever fired Paterno? Make it fucking COUNT, you illiterate fucking SHEEPUL --- lynch Paterno HIMSELF. With a long, slow, wet rope.

P.S. Stacia? You, dear heart, are this year's award-winner for the Titanium-Ovaries prize for your upstanding character and action against evil. There's no actual trophy yet, or any million-dollar bonus like the Nobel, but *I will always remember, and always appreciate your good deeds. I *do* wish, though, that you'd moved and continued teaching, so that you could help PROTECT more kids.

Best first-grade teacher who ever lived, Mrs. Cyndi Flanagan, whom I've never found again to this day, lost HER job because she started asking questions and teh Fallen Uterus' uncle was on the State Board Of Education. Need I draw a picture? She was punished for being the ONLY person who ever STUCK UP FOR ME (obviously, my grandparents kept me alive, but they didn't know that I was a piece of two-legged CHATTEL, pimped-out by my "parents" to their precious flunkie fucktard illiterate cocksucking coke-whore SON; I *say that my grandparents didn't know, and their lives were VERY complicated/difficult, but I'll never know anything for sure except that they loved me more than anybody else on earth.)

Mrs. Flanagan stuck up for me, and she lost her job and got blackballed in the entire parish (county), no telling if she had to leave the state again, but after that incident, she couldn't even let me stay in her classroom to help her grade papers during recess or hang out in the teachers' lounge whilst running mimeographs after that. I was so hurt, I didn't know what I'd done wrong or why she didn't love me anymore (being a 6-year-old hyperlexic didn't help me "read" people worth a fuck) --- but she'd made a tremendous sacrifice because she DID love me, and she loved ALL of "her" kids, and she stuck up for me. And someday, I'm going to find that woman, esp. if I ever hit the powerball, and thank her in whatever way she needs: hot-and-cold running maids, an indoor pool, a McMansion (not really her style, but I'm flexible), etc.

Even though she couldn't STOP the abuse/child-rape, and she never got to have any more "heart-to-heart" talks with me again, I'll never forget what she gave up for me.

I wish that you'd consider going back, I honestly do. This world, especially the horribly-maligned and tragically-underfunded public schools, NEED YOU.

SCHLOSSER: A big hearty, hardy AAAYYYYY-MENNNN to everything that you said. I didn't get to reading the prior comments before I hadda vent my ventricles over this sickening shit, but I'm glad to see that we are of similar minds on this shit. My mind is just way the fuck more violent when it comes to retribution for hurt children who have their lives STOLEN from them.

HEYDAVE: If I baked you a few dozen homemade cookies (sorry, no magic brownies, haven't had the secret seasoning in YEEEARS), instead of just IMAGINING your punishment for college-football fucktards, if you could go find a big burly Bubba with a delightfully sadistic streak, if you are at all concerned that anally violating those amoral pieces of shit might lure you into some other "experimentation," that is...

And Dusty, dear heart, please do return to elucidate us, I think that I'm going to enjoy it.

Anntichrist S. Coulter said...

DAMMIT!!!, I totally forgot the rest of HeyDave's fucking line/comment/thought!!!

The narcotics that are gonna kill me way before cigarettes are making me more stoopy every motherfucking day. That's why nobody sees me "writing" a fucking thing anymore...


"...instead of just IMAGINING your punishment for college-football fucktards, if you could go find a big burly Bubba with a delightfully sadistic streak, if you are at all concerned that anally violating those amoral pieces of shit might lure you into some other "experimentation," that is... that's where Big Bubba comes in. Preferably unwashed, NEVER had a Brazilian, covered in razor-sharp stubble and pubic hairs like Brill-O pads, with a voracious appetite for the at least HALF of the aforementioned P.S. employees who are SOOOO far back in the closet, they're wearing Liza's shoes!!! The other half, well, they'll just have to take one for the team, eh?

If we need to take up a collection to outfit a proper dungeon for Big Bubba, replete with the finest, most-coarsely-finished leathers, un-resined hemp rope, Yoko Ono playing at full blast from a room full of 4'-wide E.V. speakers/monitors, etc., just lemme know, kay Dave?

I just love the way that your mind works, m'boy...

Speaking of which: my super-secret decoder-ring word is RESUB.!!!!!! Google is WAY too into our comments, folks, they're ENJOYING this shit!!!

Unknown said...

I am obviously new to this site, via a link left at my blog on this subject, which I write about as well.

I would like to commend your readers/commenters on their remarks about this disgusting shit at Penn St. They are well spoken on the subject and rightfully upset as hell about it and the reactions of the idiots that go to school there.

But the fact remains that unless and until the bastards that run the NACC change the rules and make them more equitable with regard to the modern day slavery we put these kids into that want to play sports and hopefully make a better lives for themselves changes..this kinda shit will continue unabated in some form or fashion. I am a huge fan of sports but find myself watching college sports less and less every year because of the horseshit perpetrated by the NCAA, who btw, could give two shits about the kids who risk permanent physical damage to themselves just for the 'chance' to go pro...which we all know the odds of that happening in any sport are pretty friggin slim if almost non-existent.

They are just as criminal as Joe Pa and ever other coach or admin official that kept their pieholes shut whilst all this occurred for almost two decades.

Penn Sts athlete dept makes over $116 million A YEAR and over $72 mil of that comes from their football program alone. That folks, is why all these guys turned a blind eye to the horrific shit that was going down there. It was THE MONEY, nothing more, nothing less. The friggin money.Anyone can be bought and if this doesn't prove that theory I don't know what else to say.

Btw, I do like your blog and plan on blog roling ya.

Unknown said... NCAA not NCCA, U=Its quite early on the left coast.

Anonymous said...

Welcome, Dusty, to a lovely community.There are several loud bitches here, thank the Lawd, but we can always use one more.
The official People-in-Charge, Scott & sz & Mary & Bill S are very smart, funny and understanding and I know you'll enjoy the commentators who are just the same.I love it here.
A humble SAfrican crone

Scott said...

Welcome, Dusty, and thanks for sharing your thoughts -- as Suezboo mentioned, we treasure our bitches around here, the more loquacious the better. And we've added your blog to the roll (very nice design, btw).

Anonymous said...

God bless Mrs. Flanagan. May the graduate assistants of the world follow her lead instead of worrying about their careers as coaches/facilitators of evil.

Here's a link to the first of a four part series on the rapes and the cover up:

Unknown said...

Why thank you Scott and Ann, I appreciate a good blog that doesnt have a problem with the words cunt or folks just get a lil uptight when I use either of those words.

I did my blog design from a free template. WordPress is a wonderful platform and I highly suggest it. I also offer to help folks build nice sites, for gratis of course, as it keeps me from going postal on a jackass from Nutter U that lives next door to me. ;-)