Monday, November 14, 2011

"If 'Are You Being Served?' is the Kind of Programming..."

This is going to be difficult to write -- and possibly irritating to read -- so if you'd prefer to skip the sob story, there's a new post just below this one, and cat pictures below that.

Okay.  [Deep Breath]...About a year and a half ago we sideswiped the Iceberg of Insolvency, and found ourselves flooded with frigid seawater and overacting Billy Zanes.  We held a fundraiser, and even though times were hard, WO'C readers very generously came to our aid, and I swore to myself that that was the absolute last time we would ever appeal for donations.

It didn't work out quite the way I'd hoped.  Starting in the spring, Mary suffered a series of health crises, climaxing in an 11-hour sojourn in the ER, and followed by nearly a month in which illness and pain prevented her from working.  At the same time -- in some weird Elliott-and-E.T. symbiosis -- Moondoggie started losing weight with alarming speed; and it turned out he had two infected teeth and was on the verge of liver failure.  To pay for his treatment (along with Mary's hospital bill), we had to defer a lot of other bills, pretty much all of which are now coming (over)due. Or home to roost.

The sum of all this nervous palaver is that World O' Crap is having another Beg-A-Thon this week, for which we sincerely apologize.  To cushion the blow, a Special Celebrity Guest will be dropping by, and we'll probably be seeing a new cat video, if I can get these fuzzy prima donnas to cooperate.

So that's our grim and embarrassing situation.  I know times are even tougher than they were in 2010, so if you're in no position to help, we completely understand (besides, blogging has no Fair Market Value, since the ha'penny is no longer in circulation).

But if you've enjoyed our time-honored, time-killing services, and have a few bucks to spare, we would greatly appreciate anything you could manage.   You can click the button at the top left of the blog, or, if pay is not your pal, please email me at, and I'll send you our snail mail address.



M. Bouffant said...

Well timed, in an awful way. I'm expecting a reimbursement by the first of Dec., & if there's any left after I pay the cable bill & get the full panoply of stupid turned on again you can expect a donation, which I wouldn't otherwise have been able to provide if I hadn't been having cash flow trouble for a while.

In the meantime, all the moochers out there shouldn't count on my generosity & altruism taking up the slack three wks. from now, so give 'til it hurts! (Think of the cats, if nothing else!)

Anntichrist S. Coulter said...

Oh hell. As the original Queen O'Teh Online Beggars, I feel lower than Dick Cheney's scrotum to not have DIDDLY-SHIT to toss into the tin cup.

It'd be a perfect time for that fucking powerball to kick-in, wouldn't it?

If there's some legal miracle that allows me to collect on the new neck & pelvic injuries from that hit-and-run Mack Truck driving piece of human excrement, I promise, y'all are first in line for your cut!!!

With all that y'all, and Redcane, and Realist, and KWillow, and MzCGEye and Dan & Tammy and even that crotchety Tory Andy, among many wunnerful others, have done to help me, I will always feel way the fuck behind on the "do unto others" part of friendship. I promise, if I see a dime of anything resembling "good karma," it's yours!!!

Can't plead that I'm at the cut-off point of my electricity or phone or severely-sub-standard ISP, seeing as how there's no satellite or cable or even renter's insurance, it's just the way that things are. I'm pretty convinced that I was Hitler's favorite altar boy at this point in my formerly-known-as-a-life.

But you, Mary, Sheri, Moondoggie, Riley, and Sheri's neverending parade of menagerie that is always taking over her undisclosed-location bunker --- are always in my thoughts, if that means anything.

And keep those fingers crossed that all my years of Powerball "investments" will FINALLY fucking PAY OFF!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't give you anything but love, baby. That's the only thing I've plenty of , baby.Waaaah.

Tsunamis of empathy.Nowadays, I can only afford the basic necessities viz.Coffee, cigarettes and cat food.Mainly eating bread and eggs (cheapest form of animal protein).Occasional sausage.Equally occasional apple (for the vits).

Did I ever thank you sufficiently for turning me on to some of my fave bloggers? The Inimitable Doghouse, The Hysterical Bloggess and Charles P Pierce - the profligate, profound prophet of progressivism ? Yeah - he's a pro, all righty.I know, gratitude don't pay no bills but you got it.
Hugs to Mary and the cuties.

Anonymous said...

Donated $10 and just bought "BLTBM"

I adore ya'll!

heydave said...

Please don't discard the plain brown wrapped package coming your way.

Anonymous said...

Done, my man. Someone has to keep those wingnuts in line...

Nadine said...

As soon as my SSDI comes in, part of it is yours, Scott, Mary and the lovely kittehs. Can't imagine this world without you.
Much Love,
The Minx! And The lovely feline ZoeLuna
P.S. Yes! My birthday is the same as Bill's. March 15th.

Kathy said...

Are you at the same address? I'll send a check.

K Williams

round guy said...

Glad I could kick in for a bit. I hope it helps.
I sympathize with the ill kitty situation. We have spent enough on Moe (our feline) to probably buy a new car.
At least he's healthy now.
I hope everything improves for you.

Anonymous said...

Glad to assist. Love your kitties and the snark!


David in NYC said...

Contributed to the last one, contributing to this one.

Now that Jerry Lewis is out of the bidness, maybe you could make this an annual event with telethon and everything.

Anyway, you deserve it, take good care of the kitties, and make sure you're fully armed for the War on Christmas.

Thorlac said...

Done via PP. I'm happy to be able help.

preznit said...

if laughter is the best medicine you'd think funds to World o' Crap would be covered under insurance and/or tax deductible ;}

Anonymous said...

Consider it a start to paying off the debt I owe you guys.